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Taiwan Startups @ Osaka Innovation Hub

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 28 December 2018

On December 7, TAITRA gathered Taiwanese startups at the ‘Morning Meetup – Taiwan Startup’ pitch, hosted by Osaka Innovation Hub, a platform for startups to demonstrate their concepts and products. The pitch attracted 35 Japanese firms such as ITOCHU Corporation, Sharp, Daiwa House, Orix, Amagasaki Shinkin Bank and Nikkei.

For the first time, TAITRA assembled four competitive startups as vanguards to lead the startups abroad.
KKday, the travel platform that enables travelers to customize their journeys.
KooData, simplifying the complexities of internet advertising data and turning it into something friendly and easy to understand.
Tagtoo, using big data analysis to discover consumer behavior and display personalized recommendations ads.
Umbo, a state-of-the-art security system that can self-detect objects with artificial intelligence and is managed on the cloud.

After the pitch, TAITRA invited an additional 31 firms for the matchmaking event. H.I.S. (among Japan’s top five travel groups), Kinki Nippon Tourist, Fukunishi Electrical (revenue over JPY¥80 billion), and more. These companies showed much interest in the startups.

The startup team also visited Tokyo, the city with the largest startup ecosystem in Japan. Support by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), Japan’s largest innovation conference Innovation Leaders Summit introduced the ecosystem and demand to large firms. It visited the Office of the Governor for Policy Planning, knowing that the Japanese Government has a preference for foreign companies.

Startup ecosystems are thriving in both Taiwan and Japan. Skillful, flexible Taiwanese startups are full of ambitious toward the overseas market. In Japan, 80% of startup resources are contributed by conglomerates, instead of venture capital. In recent years, these giants are trying to find a way to transition from startups. In August, TAITRA Chairman James Huang and ITOCHU Managing Executive Officer Hiroyuki Fukano discussed bringing Taiwan and Japan’s startup industries together. With its perfect policy environment, Japan can be the best gateway for startups to challenge the world.


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