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Taiwan Sporting Goods Industry

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 19 November 2019

2018, Taiwan had over 500 sporting goods companies employing over 17,000 people, according to government statistics. The export value of Taiwan's sporting goods industry was up to US$1,950 million with 6.6% growth in 2018. The main export products are fitness equipment (46 percent) and golf products (20 percent). The Main Export Market is USA (43.9 percent) followed by China (11 percent) and Japan (7.2 percent). Also, Taiwan's sporting goods industry had an export growth rate of over 12 percent from January to July 2019.

About Taiwan's Sporting Competitive Products, fitness equipment has an export value of US$895 million with 6.5percent growth in 2018 in Taiwan. The supply chain and overseas layout of fitness equipment in Taiwan are well- developed. Today, JOHNSON HEALTH TECH CO. LTD. is in the second largest fitness equipment company and the key vendor of the world's largest fitness center (Planet Fitness). On eco-friendly products, Rhymebus produces fitness equipment (R-Rider) with regenerating energy systems every day. And sports can be paired with smartphones or tablets, turning dull trainers into interactive entertainment fitness devices. This is how Game-Bike International Inc. works. Taiwan Golf products have an export value of US $383.9 million (+4.5 percent) in 2018. 80 percent of golf heads are made in Taiwan (Fusheng, Advance Group, O-TA and Dynamic) employing an ODM/OEM model.
The economic outlook of Taiwan sporting goods industry continues to be positive in 2018. And Taiwan's sporting goods industry is already moving in the following direction: Eco-friendly, digital and wearable technology, eSports, sports for older adults and trends in fitness.


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