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Taiwan Shares Comprehensive Solutions & Know-How with Bangladesh and Indian Aquaculture Businesses

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 10 April 2018

Co-organized by The Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BOFT/ MOEA), the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) led the Taiwan Aquaculture Industry Trade Mission comprising 15 quality Taiwanese exporters/importers to India and Bangladesh March 31 – April 7, 2018. The purpose of the visit is to explore potential aquaculture trade, by re-engineering the Indian and Bengali aquaculture infrastructure, and facilitating the increased importation of quality marine and farmed species to Taiwan in the future.

This is TAITRA’s second trade delegation specifically designed to promote bilateral aquaculture trade, and to strengthen business relations between Taiwan and Southern Asian countries. Locally supported and co-hosted by the Taiwan Trade Center in Dhaka, and the Taipei World Trade Center in Chennai, TAITRA held Taiwan Aquaculture Trade meetings on April 3 in Dhaka and April 6 in Chennai to exchange the latest solutions and aquaculture know-how with agents, importers, traders, wholesalers, retail chains, and potential partners from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. 173 local professionals participated in these meetings.  According to TAITRA, US$860,500 of onsite orders were made in Bangladesh and India, and the total bilateral trade opportunities are estimated to reach US$6,130,000 in the coming year. The largest Taiwanese shrimp importer, TON-DAR SEAFOOD CO. LTD., also made US$100,000 onsite orders each with Bengali and Indian exporters.  Local importers such as MKA, ABM Water Co., Brac Fisheries, HB International from Bangladesh, Southern India Aquaculture, Maritech, Yam’s, Dipti Sea Foods from India attended in the trade meetings.  

Beyond aquatic plants, India cultured 5.2 million metric tons of fish, crustaceans, molluscs, and more in 2015, and ranked a global second for its production. India is also the world’s number one shrimp and prawn exporters in the world, while the Indian government introduced the ‘2016-2020 Blue Revolution’ and is expected to increase its production by 8% annually. India’s government is eager to seek trade and investment opportunities from overseas partners.

In parallel, Bangladesh cultured 2.1 million metric tons of fish, crustaceans, molluscs, and more in 2015 and ranked a global fifth for its production. After reaching agreement regarding the maritime area at the Bay of Bengal with Myanmar (2012) and India (2014), the Bangladeshi Government announced the “Blue Economy” aiming to exploit potential tourism and business interests brought about by marine resources, and estimated to increase its seafood production to 4.5 million metric tons by 2021 via capture and aquaculture. The Bangladeshi Government is eager to seek trade and investment opportunities from overseas partners.

Taiwan is also an intensive aquaculture farming and disease control stronghold, ranking a global 19th, despite its size. Taiwan is an export-oriented, vibrant economy with a strong industrial base. Over the last several decades, Taiwan has been known for its distinctive speed and flexibility to manufacture all kinds of products with reassuring and consistent quality that meets global expectations. Under the New South Bound policy, the Taiwanese Government is eager to seek partnerships with top ranking aquaculture countries for import, export, and investment opportunities.

TAITRA has gathered 15 Taiwanese industry players for the delegation, including notable exporters like TAI-YIH SUN INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD. for paddle wheel, water pump, and aquaculture equipment and accessories; CAOFON MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO. LTD. for indoor culture root blowers & diffusers; BIGBEST SOLUTIONS, INC. for aerator motors; CHUAN KUAN ENTERPRISE CO. LTD. for all required aquaculture fingerlings and accessories; GLAC BIOTECH CO. LTD. for probiotic feed additives & byproduct; IIS AQUACULTURE CO. LTD. for pathogen free brood stock and post larva; AN FU CORP. for paddle wheel aerators; SHYEH DUWAI ENTERPRISE CO. LTD. for protein skimmer, purification filter, and ultraviolet sterilizer; SPARKLER FAR EAST LTD. for livestock, poultry, and aquaculture feed mill plant and conveying system; TOFORD PLASTIC MANUFACTURING CORP. for double collar stanchions and PE pipe, fish cage, and accessories; YUANG HSIAN METAL INDUSTRIAL CORP. for AB65 copper-alloy wired anti-fouling fish cages; TAIWAN FISHING VILLAGE LTD. for fish fry & seedlings; SHYE YIH FEEDING CO. LTD. for fish feed and nutritional additives; TENZON CO. LTD. for solar-powered, energy-saving freezing boat, truck, and turn-key freezer; TON-DAR SEAFOOD CO. LTD. for importing Indian and Bengali shrimps/prawns and to meet the Indian government’s goal for industry export.


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