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Taiwan’s epidemic prevention ecosystem working with global community to fight COVID-19

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 13 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious impact in every aspect of people’s daily life around the world. While most countries are trying hard to fight the pandemic, no single country can end the spread alone as everyone and all nations are all in the fight together. Taiwan, with one of the world’s best medical care and public health systems, as well as the most complete epidemic prevention ecosystem worldwide, is fully committed to working together with the global community to end the pandemic.

With extensive past experience from fighting the SARS outbreak, Taiwan has so far been remarkably effective in managing COVID-19 domestically, and is very willing to share and collaborate with the international community to contain the global spread together. From medical services, referrals and exchanges, biomedical R&D, anti-epidemic prevention products, as well as using technology and smart solutions to manage the outbreak, Taiwan can offer total solutions to fight the outbreak for the global community.

Taiwan can offer total solutions in the following key sectors:
1. Medical Services
Taiwan offers strong networks of top standard hospitals, medical institutions we as well experienced & highly qualified doctors and public health professionals that can share and exchange expertise in a variety of areas, including epidemic prevention measures, with the global community. For example, recently TAITRA arranged online conference exchange sessions for India’s Alkem Laboratories with Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University Hospital.

2. Biomedical Research and Development
Taiwan is known for its advanced biomedical research capabilities and output in areas such as drug development, fast-screening testing kits, and vaccine development. Currently, Taiwan is collaborating with international partners from Czech Republic, EU, Australia, the US and other R&D allies. Recently, a Taiwan research team has produced 25 human monoclonal antibodies based on antibody gene segments from three patients infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus, which can facilitate the development of rapid screening kits and medication for the COVID-19.

3. Mask supplies and production machinery
Being one of the top machinery exporters in the world, Taiwan can supply the global community with top quality surgical masks and mask production machinery. Early on during the outbreak, the Taiwan government collaborated with local smart machinery & automation sectors to increase mask production to meet demands domestically. Taiwan is now the second largest face mask manufacturing country in the world.

4. Medical protective suits
Most countries are facing a shortage of protective supplies for their frontline medical staff. Taiwan, as the world’s major manufacturers and exporters of textiles and apparel, has assembled a national textile alliance from Taiwan’s major industry players from upstream raw material suppliers to downstream product manufacturers, to produce quality protective and isolating suits to meet the domestic and international demand.

5. Technology applications and smart solutions
As the world’s major ICT supplier and innovator, Taiwan has applied variety of technologies and smart solutions to help manage the outbreak. For example, Taiwan integrated IT experts to build systems that integrated the health and travel data of citizens for doctors to check health and travel histories, which ensured more precise diagnosis and treatments. The Taiwan government also developed the Intelligent Electronic Fences System to track individuals under home quarantine or isolation.

To prevent the hoarding of masks and ensure adequate supply for all citizens, the government launched a mask rationing app that shows available stock and outlets, as well as enabling online ordering and purchase.

6. Quality medical and innovative products/services
Taiwan produces and supplies top quality epidemic prevention components and products to serve the global community, including components for ventilators, safety goggles, forehead thermometers, medical gloves, infrared sensors, air purifiers, hygiene and disinfecting products.

In addition, Taiwan also offers innovative & smart solutions such as medical robots, telecare or telemedicine solutions, wearable technologies, smart hospital system, and variety of medical devices with IoT applications

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Source: TAITRA
Wayne Lin (wayelin@taitra.org.tw)


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