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Taiwan Is Helping!

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 21 May 2020

TAITRA facilitates webinars between domestic and overseas hospitals about Taiwan's COVID-19 epidemic prevention.

When the outbreak of COVID 19 first occurred, Taiwan reacted fast by establishing a central command center and incorporating numerous actions and technologies, including air and sea border control, case identification using new data and technology, education of the public while combating misinformation, policy formulation for schools and businesses and online mask-rationing system to solve uneven distribution of the mask.

Taiwan has the best healthcare system in the world, coupled with the past experience in fighting against the SARS epidemic, which made Taiwan one of the most-prepared and best-equipped countries to help fight the on-going COVID 19 pandemic.

TAITRA received inquiries from India, seeking to learn from the epidemic prevention experience of Taiwan ’s hospitals, in order to assist Indian medical staff in improving their own prevention measures and reducing local infections. TAITRA contacted National Cheng Kung University Hospital, which has been operating in the Indian market for many years, to arrange a sharing of Taiwan's experience in epidemic prevention.

On 2nd April, National Cheng Kung University Hospital and ALKEM Laboratories India also conducted an online epidemic prevention seminar. The discussion included Taiwan’s epidemic prevention experiences, such as the sharing of new coronavirus (COVID-19) testing methods, drug treatment programs, methods of managing the number of cases, mask control policies, etc. As many as 8,962 Indian doctors participated in the online seminar. National Cheng Kung University Hospital held a second epidemic prevention webinar on 14th April as requested by Indian Veritaz Healthcare Limited, which attracted 2,100 Indian medical professionals to participate and ask questions.

At present, in addition to those in India, hospitals in Myanmar, the United States and other countries have shown strong interests for Taiwan's epidemic prevention experience sharing. TAITRA will continue to assist Taiwanese hospitals in sharing epidemic prevention experience with medical practitioners from various countries for reference, transforming “Taiwan Can Help” into “Taiwan is Helping”.


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