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Taiwan Halal Industry Heads to Thailand to Explore Business Opportunities in Muslim Tourism

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 06 September 2018

The Taiwan Halal Center will participate in the "Taiwan Expo 2018  in Thailand" for the first time this year and set up the Halal Industry Image Pavilion that will showcase more than 30 halal products such as halal food, makeup and cosmetics product, daily necessities, and health food. The featured products include the steeping tea brand “3:15PM” from Shih Chen Foods, the multi-flavored "Cubic Pastry" from TK Food, the Taiwanese aboriginal facial mask skin care (Maskingdom) that garnered an A' Design Award from Italy by TenArt Biotech, the high tech alginate gels facial masks by Biosol Tech, the 4N-cleaner by K-Spring Technology, and the Golden Clam Protein Capsules by Zhao Hong Biotechnology, etc., all of which can become a favorite gift for tourists.

According to statistics, there are 32 million tourists visiting Thailand every year, and about 6 million of them are from Muslim countries. The Thai tourism industry said that “there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, and it represents a huge market. We will only need as little as 1% of the market to make us grow.” For Taiwanese businesses, they can reach out to Muslim travelers from all over the world through Thai channels.

According to TenArt Biotech, they got 15 buyers who have strong interests in taking the agency. Some of the buyers already have built channels with the luxurious department stores, such as Emporium and Paragon which are popular among the high-end consumers. Biosol Tech also has some potential OEM orders from several cosmetics chain stores and local brands. Those business opportunities would probably generate over USD 1 million sales in the future.

The Taiwan Halal Center established by TAITRA continues to vigorously assist Taiwan's halal businesses to increase their visibility and export to the Muslim market. There are still a number of promotional events in the second half of this year. In addition to holding seminars on halal business opportunities, the center will also set up image booths and conduct creative promotional events in the "Taiwan Expo 2018 in Malaysia" and "Kaohsiung International Halal Exhibition" in October.


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