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Taitien Introduces Miniaturized Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO)

Source: TAITIEN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. | Updated: 05 November 2020

TAITIEN Electronics, a technology leader in frequency control solutions, has introduced the new NN series of oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXOs) capable of achieving tight frequency stability and superior phase noise performance. NN-type OCXOs, incorporating Taitien’s own patented Formosa ASIC technology, deliver best-in-class reference clock performance at industry’s smallest form factor at 9.7 x 7.5mm, which is ideal for applications such as small cell base stations, SyncE, IEEE 1588 PTP and network switches.

Utilizing Taitien’s in-house end-to-end crystal manufacturing expertise and long-term reliability testing capability, Taitien’s NN series OCXOs expand product capabilities with great features:

  • Miniaturized SMD package at 9.7 x 7.5 mm
  • Frequency range from 10 to 40 MHz
  • Frequency stability as low as +/- 5ppb from -20 to 70 °C and +/- 10ppb from -40 to 85°C
  • Low power consumption at 0.3 W steady state at room temp
  • Stratum 3 compliant: +/-4.6 ppm, all-inclusive, over 20 years
  • 3.3 V and 5.0 V options available

Striving to deliver best value frequency control solutions to customers, Taitien has been continuously developing wide-range of crystal based timing products to address the diverse requirements in telecommunication and high-speed data communication markets. For further information about Taitien’s high-precision and low-jitter crystal oscillators, please contact TAITIEN sales at sales@taitien.com.tw. Samples are available upon request.


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