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Synergy from Gaming Brands and Gamers COMPUTEX Synthesize a Gaming Technology Ecosystem

Source: Taiwan International Trade Shows | Updated: 29 April 2016

Accommodating with the fast-growing competitive gaming and eSports industry worldwide, COMPUTEX focuses on gaming for the first time. TAITRA has designed Gaming and E-Sports as one of the four main themes and attracted more than 30 gaming brands to showcase their latest gaming products. At today’s press conference, TAITRA invited MSI, GIGABYTE, NVIDIA, COOLER MASTER, THERMALTAKE and HWBOT to give a sneak peak of what COMPUTEX 2016 will bring. Not only have they presented the latest gaming products, including the popular Virtual Reality (VR) devices, but also a warm-up overclocking (OC) tournament demonstrated by the famous OC community, HWBOT, promoting the synergy of COMPUEX to create a global technology ecosystem.


Gaming and eSports Leading the Hardware Industry

In 2015, Taiwan eSports team ranked top 8 worldwide. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. disclosed the overall scale of Taiwan gaming market has exceeded 53.2 billion NTD. Twitch live has an average of eight hundred million accumulated viewing minutes monthly in Taiwan, ranking the top 5 viewer country worldwide. Many domestic and foreign manufacturers choose to invest in Taiwan to develop the gaming businesses, showing the unstoppable gaming power. With gaming being one of the four themes at COMPUTEX this year, more than 30 professional gaming companies including the leading brands such as MSI, GPU inventor NVIDIA, hardware pioneers GIGABYTE and COOLER MASTER are participating at the show. This indicates the booming development of the industry and reflects on the enthusiastic demand from the global market.


HWBOT World Tour 2016 Warmup, Overclocking to Outperform

TAITRA, the organizer of COMPUTEX, will be cooperating with HWBOT and especially invited director of HWBOT, Pieter-Jan Plaisier, to the press conference in warming up for the opening of HWBOT World Tour 2016 tournament. It is expected that many of the professional overclockers will be at COMPUTEX to compete using the latest hardware and technology to create higher performance, and to take the championship. The tournament will be broadcasted live on Twitch, engaging eSports fans to excitingly watch and chat during the OC competition.


Aiming for the Trends, Giant Gaming Brands Gather at COMPUTEX

MSI, GIGABYTE, NVIDIA, COOLER MASTER, THERMALTAKE and HWBOT attended the press conference and shared their foreseeable trending insights on gaming and eSports industry. Invariably, they are currently focusing on making full lines of gaming products that allow customization and cultivating a trend among gaming communities. Sighting these trends and gamers’ loyalty and special demands, COMPUTEX places efforts to construct a gaming and eSports ecosystem, allowing the exhibition to become the best platform for matching the needs of all leading gaming brands, gamers, and overclockers.


The Executive Vice President of TAITRA, Mr. Walter Yeh, indicated that the market value of gaming industry has surpassed movie and music industry. According to Newzoo, half of the gaming market value of USD 90 billion comes from Asian-Pacific countries. This indicates the importance of COMPUTEX serving as a gaming platform to the industry. Through the interaction of manufacturers and gamers, the heat wave has started to integrate resources in creating the value of gaming. It is exciting to see many gaming and hardware companies making efforts to catch the attention of gamers. We expect COMPUTEX 2016 to be extraordinary and very exciting. 


Belinda Chen (cph@taitra.org.tw)


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