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SmartBridge Inc Release SmartHome Baby Nursing product Temperature monitor

Source: SMART BRIDGE INFORMATION, INC. | Updated: 14 February 2018

SmartBridge Inc. today officially launched a new generation of intelligent home baby care series of baby temperature detectors to solve the just-born newborn baby, the problem of care.

     Traditionally, when a child is newborn, the joy of parenting is unspeakable. In infancy, we are not a professional nurse. Although there are also doctors and nurses who have guidance at night, there is still a great deal of time that we Take care of the above weaknesses for young babies.

     In the baby is sick, is a fever .We aim at the night, hoping to design a help parents to take care of the above, the design of the temperature monitor, it is through the human body emits an infrared method to detect body temperature. Is a continuous detection When the baby is sick, let the parents feel at ease and sleep until the temperature is high. Take the initiative to wake up their parents through the alarm, and then through the thermometer to measure the matters needing attention by doctors and nurses. Problem, let the parents do not have to sleep for a while to measure the child's temperature.

     Temperature sensor, is a heat through the infrared absorption of the body's heat, to convert to temperature. No radiation problems, at the same time, is a low-power products, can be used peace of mind.

     Welcome to contact us. Tel + 886-3-5424911 Http://www.SmartBridge-tech.com/


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