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Short video platforms are new way of building communities in Bangladesh

Source: TAITRA | Updated: 14 January 2022

Gibson Yuen, Head of Likee Operations in Bangladesh, has said Short video platforms like ‘Likee’ are a new way of building communities that act as convenient-to-use social media platforms.

Gibson Yuen said, “It is not only comforting to watch short videos but is less time-consuming. Because of time constraints, people leave the unnecessary parts and jump straight to the point of the videos. On the other hand, long videos often get tedious to watch.”

In these short video platforms, content creators post videos from which viewers may learn a great deal, he said. 

Such categories may include life-hack videos, which let people know about tips and tricks that make life simpler, educational videos from educators, general knowledge videos from many daily newspapers, and much more. The best part here is the chance to learn so much without the monotonous feeling, but genuinely enjoying instead.  

Visual learning is a learning method preferred by many children as well as adults as an effective method to learn and remember. Many studies have also found that visual learning has catered to better memory recollection than the auditory learning method. It means short video platforms can be an amazing way to communicate learnable information.  

Through this learning process, communities of learners and educators are created where similar content-makers get a chance to collaborate virtually, and viewers get to discuss the videos with others, creating multiple communication channels, Gibson added.

Covid-19, lockdown impositions, and a general fear of crowds have hindered the natural community-building instinct of humans. During these dire times, social media and short video platforms have acted as rescuers of this society-loving mankind, creating multiple communication channels for people, he said. 

The short video industry has especially managed to improve the lives of talented content creators by giving them opportunities to communicate their ideas. 

Communities of learners, educators, artists, and many more individuals have been made for them to share their interests and talents with each other, as well as the world, said the head of Likee Operations in Bangladesh.

Additionally, they create communities of people with similar talents. A community of singers, dancers, painters, etc., are generated, often adding colors to the lives of many. They get to discuss their work and interests with people who share similar ones. This not only enhances communication but also improves the mental health of many.

The world is filled with talented individuals who remain undiscovered due to the lack of opportunities. He said, “For them, the convenience of short video platforms is a blessing. It was rather tough for many cover artists to actually upload long videos targeting engaged audiences, as viewers often become reluctant to watch long covers.” 

People started posting their videos, which can also be made aesthetically pleasing through filters on Short Video Platforms, like Likee. Through these videos, people also get to know about exciting forms of art, such as finger dancing – a form of dance that was rather unknown before short videos were trendy. 

Besides music and dance, art and painting videos can also be conveniently showcased through such short videos. This not only promotes exposure of talent but also opens the window for many such talented individuals to get paid work. Talent hunters often spot artists from such apps, exposing them to jobs they would love.


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