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Rainbow Hardware – a Taiwanese Manufacturer Producing Top-Notch Fasteners

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 16 April 2021

From the automotive to the construction industry, fasteners are essential everywhere. Their versatility naturally explains the steady growth of the global fastener industry size, anticipated to grow from $86 billion in 2018 to $139 billion in 2026. Despite the COVID-19 blow, rapid industrialization to adapt to the emerging trends has invariably kept fasteners in demand throughout.

Rainbow Hardware is a Taiwanese manufacturer of top-quality fasteners made by integrating almost all the latest manufacturing standards and processes, including CNC machining, lathe machining, and ROHS-friendly electro-plating surface treatments. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing fasteners, Rainbow Hardware has a dedicated customer base, exporting to a number of countries across the globe, including Japan, the USA, UK, India, Iran and Ukraine.

Automotive, bicycle, industrial machinery, storage cabinets, building and construction, aerospace, motors and pumps, and home appliances are some of the key industries that account for the massive demand for fasteners. Some of the newer developments in the fasteners industry include custom fastener manufacturing, something which Rainbow Hardware excels at. This customer support helps manufacturers from almost all industries to order fasteners that are tailor-made for their applications.

Rainbow Hardware: Company Overview & Key Product Offerings

Founded in 1980, Rainbow Hardware produces sought-after industry-grade fasteners for esteemed clientele like Harley-Davidson, IKEA, MINOURA JAPAN, Toyota, and new emerging big brand companies. The Taiwanese manufacturer specializes in producing specialized stainless steel fasteners for automotive applications, bicycle manufacturing, storage cabinets, and furniture industries. With quality, speed, and reasonable pricing as the ethos of the company, Rainbow Hardware leverages the abundantly available, low-cost, cold-forging steel and high-quality stainless steel available in Taiwan.

Image courtesy of Rainbow Hardware

A full list of the product offerings includes cold-forging and cold-forming screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, retaining rings, clips and stamping press products. All the products are manufactured in strict adherence to international standards such as DIN, ASTM, ANSI, AISI, ISO, IFI, and JIS. Another noteworthy offering of Rainbow Hardware is the selection of customized finished and semi-finished products. Unlike most other manufacturers, Rainbow Hardware even makes custom product samples for their clientele and adjusts the designs as well as dimensions as needed. This shows that the Taiwanese manufacturer does go the extra mile to offer a seamless experience for their customers.

A brief overview of some of the sought-after products from Rainbow Hardware:

Stainless Steel Screws

Made while upholding utmost quality standards, stainless steel screws from Rainbow Hardware find applications in a wide range of industries. Mostly purchased by local manufacturers, importers, and product designers, the latest range of stainless steel screws made from Rainbow Hardware is especially used in new bicycle designs because of the full range of customer support offered by the manufacturer.

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless steel fasteners find applications across virtually all industries and come with a host of advantages: corrosion resistance, self-repairing properties, long-life, and attractive aesthetics.

Automotive Fasteners

Automotive fasteners, as the name itself implies, are for auto manufacturers and after-market OEM, ODM manufacturers. Rainbow Hardware has a range of molding designs with special fasteners specifically manufactured for the auto industry. The Taiwanese manufacturer also offers modifications and accepts bespoke orders depending on client requirements.

Image courtesy of Rainbow Hardware


The Way Forward

“During these challenging times, raw material prices have increased dramatically while the demand for fasteners have also surged at the beginning of 2021. We have pushed our factories to maximum production capacity, but most importantly we continue to ensure a COVID-safe working environment,” said Justin Tsao, the Export Director at Rainbow Hardware.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has always placed emphasis on updating and upgrading to the best-in-class industry practices for staying ahead of the competition. Rainbow Hardware has introduced quality and visual inspection systems, automated-packing machine systems, and the latest CNC machinery for producing small quantity orders as well as new designs. The manufacturer is now focusing on expanding their product exports to the markets in the USA, Germany, and Japan as they import stainless steel fasteners in huge numbers to meet the constant, growing demand.

Source: Rainbow Hardware


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