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POYA-TECH, a leading window film exporter and manufacturer in Taiwan

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 11 January 2021

POYA-TECH is the only Taiwanese window film factory which enjoys both ISO9001 & 14001 certifications. Among 1.46 million small and medium enterprises in Taiwan, the company won the Top 1000 Elite SME Award in 2020.

All POYA-TECH PET films pass ROHS 1.0 2.0 test. POYA-TECH products are made in CLASS 1000 clean room and offer quality heat rejection films, safety films & decorative films for cars/buildings/signs.

The company has also developed new products including car paint protection film (both TPU & TPH), car handle cup protection film, anti-fog films & whiteboard films, side mirror film and windshield protection films.

POYA-TECH window film products have been exported to all over the world. As the overall market demand for car paint protection film has grown, POYA-TECH's PPF (paint protection film) has also entered a mature stage and has won customer recognition. Besides the TPU/TPH material paint protection film, the related application like handle cup protection film and bumper protection products are on board, too

Window films has a variety of research and development results in this regard to reduce energy waste. The demand also extends to interior decoration and protection. POYA-TECH has been actively researching and developing automotive car body and interior film supplies. As an innovation driven company, POYA-TECH believes that changes also bring new opportunities.

POYA-TECH Co., Ltd. is a leading window film exporter and manufacturer in Taiwan. Founded in 2004 by a group of engineers with expertise in chemistry and precision coating, POYA-TECH is dedicated to solutions that enhance performance, quality, and flexibly. We custom design our own automatic cutting and taping machines that enable greater consistent tension and length.

Source: https://poya-tech.com.tw/
Rita Chen(rita.chen@taitra.org.tw)


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