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  • Noveltek Presents Newly Improved Power Pallet Trucks That Save 30% Electricity And 5-year Battery Life. All Products Come With 18-month Warranty

Noveltek Presents Newly Improved Power Pallet Trucks That Save 30% Electricity And 5-year Battery Life. All Products Come With 18-month Warranty

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 07 May 2021

In the past decade, more and more factories, warehouses, logistics companies, and even large supermarkets and mass merchandisers like Walmart or Costco have all sought to use forklifts or pallet trucks to carry heavy loads of goods around or to place them high above a storage area. A forklift or pallet truck is one of the most useful and important pieces of equipment many companies invest in if they run a warehouse, a storage facility, or work on a construction site.

However, forklifts and pallet jacks come in a wide variety of types and styles depending on different sizes and weight of loads. It can be a bit difficult to know what kind is best for a certain environment. Since there are different factors you need to consider before acquiring a forklift or pallet truck for your business, it is important to pick a seller or manufacturer that offers a variety of products and gives you the best advice for your business needs.

NOVELTEK Industrial Manufacturing Inc., (NOVELTEK), a 30-year manufacturer of powered and manual material handling equipment in Taiwan, will definitely meet your business needs in every aspect. NOVELTEK supplies all series of material handling equipment while assisting customers in customizing this equipment with certain specifications. Whether you are looking for forklifts that can safely lift extremely heavy objects or small indoor machines that place items high on top of shelves, NOVELTEK guarantees you its quality for 18 months! As of 2021, due to its product diversity, material safety, ­and excellent manufacturing, and management experience, NOVELTEK has already exported its products to 38 countries in the world.
One of the entry-level material handling equipment in NOVELTEK is the power pallet trucks. Power pallet trucks are electric pallet trucks that are much smaller and simpler material handling equipment than forklifts. Powered by batteries, the power pallet truck allows for easier driving, lifting, and stacking of heavy pallets. It’s also beneficial for the operator since it only requires a press of a button to lift and lower the loads. Since these vehicles do not have cabs as they are quite small, to operate a pallet jack, the worker walks behind the trucks and steers them with the handle.

The most popular model of NOVELTEK’s power pallet trucks is the APT-20. It comes with an electric carbonless brushless motor that requires no maintenance. It is stable when driving and possesses strong climbing ability while saving more than 30% of electricity. APT-20 uses the American CURTIS microcomputer control system, allowing users to adjust parameters according to their own user habits. The multifunctional dashboard uses a CAN-BUS system that clearly displays the status of the truck and reminds the driver of the conditions of the vehicle including battery level, working hours, and various repair codes.

Speaking of battery level, the electric LCD display provides clear vision even under the dimmest light environment, which increases driving safety! The European electro-mechanical meter allows users to use up to 8 hours a day after fully charged for 8 hours.  The battery life also lasts up to 5 years, which is 3 to 5 times longer than other brands of stacker electro-mechanical meters. The APT-20 power pallet truck carries a maximum weight of 2,000 kg (4,000 lbs.) and lifts up to heights of 2 meters (78 inches).

The primary uses of NOVELTEK power pallet trucks are warehouses, manufacturing plants, and storage facilities for loading docks and staging merchandise. Pallet jacks are some of the most common and important pieces of equipment in the material handling industry. Recommended industries for this type of pallet jack include food and beverage factories, general warehouse, large freezers, and mass retail stores.

All models of NOVELTEK come with an 18-month warranty and can be customized with even a 1 piece order size. The fork length, width, stacker lifting height, and stacker casing material can all be customized according to customer needs. For example, food factories prefer waterproof and rust-proof forks therefore galvanized iron is coated with a protective zinc layer to protect the iron from moisture and oxygen-related degradation.

All NOVELTEK products are compliant with EEC-89/392 regulations and have "CE" marks on them. The factory-direct prices make customers quite profitable and NOVELTEK guarantees the shortest time of delivery. 

For manufacturing needs, contact NOVELTEK via: https://liftruck.en.taiwantrade.com/

Website: www.liftruck.net
E-mail: noveltek@liftruck.net
Telephone: +886-03-7220741


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