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Multimedia central control system

Source: SINEW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. | Updated: 22 July 2021

 Central Control of Multimedia Devices

    Total control of 4 HDMI inputs (one VGA input) & 2 HDMI outputs such as power, electric screen, light, volume, etc.

   Support Up to 4K*2K

     The resolution supports up to 4K*2K@30Hz.

  IR & RS232 & RS485 & I/O Control

    High compatibility with current multimedia devices by IR, RSR232, RS485, I/O control.

  Touch Panel

    The quality touch panel is compatible with most of the digital podiums.

  Customized Mode Control

    Users can set common-use functions in advance to reach one-touch control.

  Wall-Mounted Design

    Flexible installation of wall-mounted design to set console and touch panel in different places.

 WEB Control Management (Optional)

    WEB control allows users to monitor devices’ status, scheduling & account authorization, etc. anytime anywhere.


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