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2020 Smart City Online | Midas Touch

Source: MIDAS TOUCH SOLUTIONS INC. | Updated: 22 July 2020

2020 Smart City Online | Midas Touch
Link: http://smartcityonline.org.tw/scheme.php?id=113

Midas Touch is going to participle in this smart city online. Our Thermal detection system MTA-3078T will be available on the smart city site for matchmaking, and we are always welcome to buyers to book a time with us to see the live demo and have more conversation with our thermal detection solution.

Our store page: http://smartcityonline.org.tw/scheme.php?id=113

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/midastouchinc/photos/a.1407044199308869/3396049437074992/?type=3&theater

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/midas-touch-inc-101_%E6%99%BA%E6%85%A7%E5%9F%8E%E5%B8%82%E8%88%87%E7%89%A9%E8%81%AF%E7%B6%B2-smart-city-online-portal-activity-6684625363437531136-u1Xh

MTA-3078T: https://www.midastouchinc.com/…/thermal-fever-detection-sy…/

MTB-3192T: https://www.midastouchinc.com/…/body-temperature-screening…/


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