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Michelin Guide Taipei launching in spring 2018

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 15 January 2018

The bible for global fine cuisine, the Michelin Guide, will be launching a new guide for Taipei in spring 2018.

"The Michelin Guide Taipei will introduce the gourmet food of Taiwan to gourmets all over the world and it gives one more good reason for people to visit Taiwan," said Michelin Spokesman Bruno de Feraudy.

"Moreover, it is also a valuable opportunity for good chefs in Taiwan to prove their professional capability to the rest of the world," he said.

Three tiers of restaurants will be included in the guide: the one, two and three Michelin stars -- representing very good cooking, excellent cooking worth a detour and exceptional cuisine worth a journey, respectively.

The criteria will include the following, he said: quality of ingredients and their preparation, mastery of flavor and cooking techniques, the personality of the chef as reflected in his or her cuisine, consistency between visits, as well as value for money.

The decoration and services of a restaurant will not be considered in awarding stars, as the evaluation focuses "on the plate and purely on the plate," as de Feraudy put it.

As such, street foods could also be included in the guide, even though that might suggest long queues, he said.
By publishing a guide, the Michelin team will establish a long term relationship with Taipei, de Feraudy said, adding that the guide will be updated annually and there is no plan at the moment to launch similar guides for other cities in Taiwan.

In the Asia Pacific, there are already Michelin guides for Japan, Hong Kong/Macau, Seoul, Shanghai and Singapore, with a Bangkok guide slated for later this year.

Taipei will become the 30th city, region or country the guide covers, which will be published in both Chinese and English.

Source: Focus Taiwan
Kai Chiu (kai@taitra.org.tw)
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