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Manual processing of industrial optical lenses

Source: UNI-CROWN CO., LTD. | Updated: 21 September 2020

Recommended model:

The UN-400VH box-shaped cover is silent and beautiful, with a maximum vacuum of 740mmHg, which is suitable for the small to large suction of the lens, for that the lens need to be instantly vacuumed and placed continuously.
Assembly specifications
UN-400VH + normally closed & normally open solenoid valve + foot switch*2 + F.002/1 filter (filtration element: 8~10μM)

Industrial optical lens processing, one-in-two can be used for two-people processing using a vacuum workstation.
When the customer uses manual processing, there is a requirement for rotating processing. The vacuum needs to be controlled freely, and the solenoid valve and footswitch control are added.
Also, there are 2 pcs each of the solenoid valves & footswitches. When the UN-400VH vacuum system being operated continuously, the vacuum source will be turned on upon the footswitch’s stepped on. Also, the vacuum source will be disconnected after releasing it. The two vacuum sources are independent and will not be interfered with each other. When there is only one person required to process, it will not affect the suction and pumping speed. The pre-filter can block the dust from getting into the pump during processing. It also can filter the pollutants to be sucked from the atmosphere. It also can prevent the output air pollution, and increase the service life of the vacuum pump. It is recommended to replace the filter element every 3 months to achieve a good filtering effect.


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