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Leadrank: The Taiwanese Company Taking the Lead in Abrasive Tool Production

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 11 January 2021

When it comes to abrasive tools, there’s no compromise to be made on quality. Thankfully, ensuring that only the highest quality materials go into its tools happens to be the foundation of Leadrank’s business philosophy.

Since 1990, the Taiwanese company has been providing customers with superior abrasive tools. From polishing to deburring, they offer a large range of products, specializing in diamond and CBN tools, including grinding wheels and discs.

Keen to cater to their clients’ specific customization needs, Leadrank combines its uncompromising approach to quality with round-the-clock support services.

Grinding Wheels and Discs

Grinding machines are used in a whole host of manufacturing processes. They require a wheel made out of an abrasive composite material in order to achieve the cutting, polishing, or buffing function of the machine. Since these tools wear down from constant grinding, they eventually need to be replaced, so wheels made of materials like diamond or CBN are preferred because of their durability.

Diamond wheels are particularly useful thanks to their strength and precision. They can be used to cut, polish, and buff everything from tungsten carbide to glass.

Leadrank sources only the strongest synthetic diamond from its suppliers, ensuring the longevity of its sustainable diamond tools.
Besides diamond, there are a number of different wheel types. CBN wheels, mainly utilized for grinding and cutting stainless steel and cast-iron, can be used for other applications depending on the required hardness.

Diamond/CBN wheels. Image via Taiwantrade.

Leadrank’s Grinding Wheels are made of kinds of different abrasives in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for stock removal, die engraving, deburring, polishing and other precision operation.

The Aluminum oxide and Silicon Carbide wheels wheels produce great results whether the material being worked on is hard alloy steel, high speed steel, carbide, ceramic, quartz, or even glass. The strength of the composite gives it a longer lifespan and be more efficient. The surface roughness and flatness in precise grinding can reach the level of national defense industry.

Grinding Wheel. Image via Taiwantrade.

Standing Out in An Industry On Pause

It’s been a challenging year for companies everywhere, regardless of their expertise and experience. However, Leadrank has managed to find a silver lining in this unprecedented year, claiming to have evolved areas of its production in response to the pandemic.
‘There were some impacts with our end users, but Leadrank was quick to upgrade its manufacturing processes to adhere to changes in demand and to prepare for the future,’ says Pound Hsu, manager at Leadrank. ‘We’re confident that the light is at the end of the tunnel, and that the industry will have improved within a few years. For now, we want to continue to provide the close support that Leadrank is known for among its customers.’

Some of those customers include Taiwan-based Yue Loong Motor, Topco Quartz Products, and luxury artisanal glass studio Liuli Gongfang. But with claims of a 40% export percentage, it’s evident that a sizable portion of Leadrank’s market is overseas.
‘Right now, Leadrank’s products are most popular in China. India is also a hot market, with companies like Motherson and Tube Investments of India making use of our superior products,’ claims Hsu.

‘Despite the pandemic, we’re focused on developing foreign markets in Indonesia, Vietnam, the Americas, and eastern Europe.’
Leadrank is making use of its extensive industry experience to ride out the storm, with eyes fixed firmly on the horizon.

Source: Leadrank Co., Ltd.


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