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KYMCO unveils Ionex e-scooter solution at Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2018

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 24 April 2018

KYMCO recently unveiled its Ionex electric scooter solution at Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2018. The scooter is smart, thoughtful, and head-turning cool.

The Ionex scooter is intended to overcome the compromises associated with electric vehicle design. According to KYMCO Chairman Allen Ko, the Ionex is designed to remove the barriers for riders to go green.

For starters, with the Ionex energy architecture, charging no longer means waiting, according to Ko.

While the removable battery is being charged, an internal battery electric scooter will still allow the rider to ride and go about their daily routine. When extra batteries are added, the Ionex scooter's maximum cruising range can reach up to 200 kilometers.

The Ionex charging architecture also offers a full-range of innovative solutions that cover all private and public charging scenarios.

With an at-home charger, the rider can start with a full charge every morning.

KYMCO also designed rapidly deployable and scalable solutions for both private business and government agencies to set up shared outlets and public charge lockers.

With the Ionex public charging infrastructure, policy makers have an economically feasible plan for implementing a green revolution on a local or national level. Governments now have a complete game-changing blueprint to go green, Ko indicated.

Rita Chen (rita.chen@taitra.org.tw)

Source: KYMCO


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