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Japanese students receive free Taiwan-grown bananas

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 12 November 2018

In order to boost Taiwanese exports to Japan, the Agriculture and Food Agency (AFA) provided bananas to every kindergarten, primary and secondary school students in Toyama City, western Japan on Oct. 12.

23,000 bananas were sent to 66 schools across Toyama City, in a bid to increase sales and appreciation of Taiwanese-made products.

The bananas will be distributed as part of plan to promote Taiwanese bananas, and will coincide with a memorandum of understanding to promote trade in agriculture between Taiwan and Toyama City government, AFA said in a statement.

To further drive sales, the AFA has targeted Toyama and Ishikawa Prefectures, where bananas are scarce.

As part of the scheme, kindergarten students in Toyama City will also enjoy a host of banana-related activities, which are likely to also increase recognition of Taiwan.

Hu Jong-I, Director General of the AFA said in a press release that the scheme is part of a plan to drive demand for Taiwanese by targeting Japan’s youth.

The bananas were bought and distributed by the Toyama Prefecture – Taiwan Friendship Association, said AFA.

According to the AFA, Taiwanese bananas are delicate and rich in taste, of a quality superior to those grown in other parts of Asia, and represent one of Taiwan’s top agricultural products.

In February, Taiwan began to send “Oolong Bananas” to Japan, a special strain of bananas with a distinct taste which is highly attractive to Japanese traders.

Source: Taiwan News
Blake Lin (blakelin@taitra.org.tw)


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