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iPower, The World’s First iPhone Backup Fast Charger. Charge Up to 60% in 30 Minutes with Full Backup.

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 07 May 2021

Nowadays, the demand for mobile charging and instant backup has increased rapidly as more and more mobile devices are manufactured. Above all, backup problems and battery shortages are usually some of the most urgent issues. Imagine how you felt when you first saw the message “battery dead” or “memory full” pop up on your phone screen? The feeling of hopelessness and anxiety soon turns into anger and frustration.
There may be a quick solution for dead batteries, but there are no quick solutions when your phone suddenly crashes before you make a full backup. Without backing up your data), you'll lose valuable time while in transit to your office, or while waiting for someone to send you the files you lost. And if you've suffered a data crash, you may lose days, weeks, or even months recovering the lost data.

SPT TECHNOLOGY CORP (SPT), a Taiwanese company with 20 years of Integrated Circuits (IC) design and manufacturing experience, designed a new device called “iPower” that combines both phone charging and backup functions. iPower is the “World’s First iPhone Backup Charger.” It looks like an iPhone wall charger (same size, at least), yet it has a memory card slot, so that while your phone is charging, the backup function is automatically turned on, and all your data is securely encrypted. The memory slot on the charger allows you to insert any SD memory card with sizes ranging from 32G, 64GB, 128GB, to 256GB depending on your memory needs.

In terms of data security, iPower encrypts everything it has backed up the minute the phone is charged with this charger. The encryption is done via military-grade AES-256 encryption technology thus ensuring no data exposure while ensuring top personal privacy. The backup charger is extremely simple to use, all you need to do is just plug and go. After the initial setup where you need to enter the encryption password, iPower automates backup and charging functions every time your iPhone is charging with this backup charger. There will be no need for manual operation after the initial setup. Everything is run automatically through its APP, thus quick and easy to use for anyone (proficiency in smart electronics is not necessary).
Even when you share this charger with family members or friends, everyone’s data is stored separately and securely without loss of privacy. 

Knowing that most iPhone users look for a fast-charging power supply, iPower provides a much faster-charging function than the traditional 5W iPhone charger. iPower provides 12W fast charging, which charges up to 60% of the iPhone battery in 30 minutes!

The purpose of the backup is to create a copy of data that can be recovered in the event of primary data failure. Primary data failures can be the result of hardware or software failure, data corruption, human-caused events such as malicious attacks (virus or malware), or accidental deletion of data.

With 20 years of product design & development experience, SPT TECHNOLOGY CORP invented the “iPower”. The 3-in-1 fast backup charger is the one and only "non-bridging backup device" backup charger in the world. iPower is very small and compact, and very easy to use.

Similar products all require a USB adaptor or Type-C adaptor to bridge with a regular iPhone charger. iOS users (including mobile phones, tablets) will no longer worry about whether or not it is too late to charge or back up their data. Moreover, iPower utilizes military-grade AES-256 encryption technology, so that backing up iOS data is fast, easy, and safe. iPower is a rare success in Taiwan for mastering customer needs with the right product fit.  

SPT now accepts OEM/ ODM manufacturing needs. iPower is compliant with various electronics safety regulations such as the Japan PSE, USA FCC, and Taiwan BSMI.
SPT has handled exports to Japan, Canada, and the USA. 


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