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  • In Response to the New Southbound Policy, Uno Fortune’s Enzymes Help Surging Indonesia's Soybean Production by 50%

In Response to the New Southbound Policy, Uno Fortune’s Enzymes Help Surging Indonesia's Soybean Production by 50%

Source: UNO FORTUNE INC. | Updated: 02 May 2020

Academic and technical exchanges of Uno Fortune Inc. and ICFORD

As for the agricultural aspect of the New Southbound Policy, in 2017, the "Regional Agricultural Development" flagship project was developed under President Tsai Ing-wen's instructions. Based on the vision of "generating reciprocity and prosperity, promoting the common profitability and sustainable development of regional agriculture in our country and New Southbound Policy partner countries, and creating mutual benefits" the related works were carried out actively. For example, agricultural-related government departments in Indonesia, such as Center for Food Crops Research and Development, Indonesia Center for Rice Research(ICRR), and Bogor Institute of Agriculture(IPB) started to actively cooperate with Uno Fortune Inc. in conducting field experiments on staple crops, including corn, rice, and soybeans and achieved a significant increase in harvest yield and quality. The production of soybeans has surged by 50% this year, and the quality has also been improved.  The Indonesian government expresses its deep recognition of Uno Fortune Inc.'s assistance in enhancing Indonesian agriculture.

Since 2017, ICRR has been applying Uno-1, which has increased Indonesia's rice production by 38.9% - 69.1%, rice seed germination rate and survival rate of rice seeds by more than 50%, and successfully achieved the goal of reducing chemical materials by 50%. Uno-1 has also assisted IPB in successfully reducing the incidence of corn diseases and insect pests by 90%, increasing corn production by 39%, and soybean production by 47%.

In 2019, Uno Fortune Inc. upgraded two products and announced a new product: Uno-1 +, an upgraded version of Uno-1; SUPER ALL-IN-ONE1, an upgraded version of the world's first full-effect agricultural materials announced last year. The new product is SUPER Pollination & Yield 1, the full-effect series which focuses on promoting pollination and increasing production. On November 12, the Indonesia IPB successfully used the three products increase the production of soybeans in Indonesia by 50%. The excellent quality has increased the price of soybeans by 40% per kilogram.

General Manager of Uno Fortune Inc., Mr. Weng said, "Uno Fortune Inc. has been focusing on the upgrading of technologies and product R&D. Since its participation in TaiwanTrade, we have taken a big step toward the world stage. Together with all the good reputation from customers, we have won purchase orders from Malaysia Government for many years. Mr. Weng said, "Taiwan's agricultural technologies are well-known abroad. I want to thank customers for their continuous support. If the Indonesian government requires further assistances, we will definitely give them a helping hand without hesitation. Food security is a matter of human health and even social harmony. As a small business with limited capacity from Taiwan, we look forward to maintaining the friendship with both ends and creating win-win situation between Taiwan and Indonesia."


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