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Hong Czu EPDM rubber parts shine at latest auto parts show

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 28 January 2018

EPDM rubber parts specialist Hong Czu Industrial Co., Ltd. recently showcased their latest innovations at Automechanika Shanghai with some very fruitful results.

According to Hong Czu sales manager Rosa Chu, the company was met with many buyers from the Middle East and Africa markets who were highly interested in the various EPDM rubber parts that her company has to offer.

One of the most asked about items was Hong Czu's high quality braking seal.

According to Chu, the company's braking seals are made to meet the highest standards. From mould design, material formulation, to every step of the production process, Hong Czu does everything in-house to ensure the highest possible quality products.

Also, every product will go through stringent ASTM and JIS compliant testing procedures to ensure their safety performance are at their best. They are tested for properties such as hardness, tensile strength, fluid resistance, temperature resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance and compression resistance.

"The end results is some of the most extraordinary vehicle braking products that can withstand temperatures as high as 175 degrees Celsius with excellent anti-aging resistance, high chemical stability, and low deformation properties," Chu said.

"They are ideal for all types of vehicles, and their excellent performance are most notable on the braking systems of large sized vehicles," she added.

According to Chu, as a testament to Hong Czu's superior quality assurance, the company is the only one on the market offering free replacements for deformations found on unused products within 5 years of production.

Established in 1999, Hong Czu Industrial Co., Ltd.'s high grade EPDM rubber products are now enjoyed by customers worldwide. The company's largest markets include the US, Canada and Southeast Asia.

Hong Czu also develops and manufactures various OEM and custom stainless steel and aluminum alloy parts based on customer specifications.

For more info about Hong Czu Industrial Co., see: www.hongczu.com

Source: UDN
Catherine Hung (ychung@taitra.org.tw)


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