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Hand-made optical lenses for home use

Source: UNI-CROWN CO., LTD. | Updated: 21 September 2020

Assembly specifications:

UN-120V + each of normally closed & normally opened solenoid valves + footswitch + VFR-B a vacuum filter with regulator and gauge, a three-in-one filter assembly (Filtration: 5μM)

Home use optical lens processing one-on-one vacuum workstation.
When customers use manual processing, there is a requirement for rotating processing, and the vacuum needs to be controlled freely. By using solenoid valves and footswitch which could reach that function.

The installed solenoid valve and footswitch function when UN-120V being operated continuously, the vacuum source will be turned on upon the footswitch stepped on. Also, the vacuum source will be disconnected after releasing the footswitch.

Apply to:

Monitor manufacturers, lens module manufacturers, various glass cutting/grinding/drilling and other vacuum processing use.


Optical glass, blue plate glass, heat-resistant glass, thin plate glass, special glass for laboratory use/ultra-thin glass/ITO glass/cover glass/quartz glass.


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