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Source: WEI SYUN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY, LIMITED | Updated: 19 February 2021

What is graphene?

As a widely used on high-end technology industry materials, graphene is the best use of the thinnest intensity maximum performance with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity of new materials. Known as "Black Gold" When graphene is combined with ordinary textiles, while maintaining the basic performance of ordinary textiles, it has huge advantages such as low temperature far infrared, heat conduction, antistatic, wear resistance, and antibacterial.
First, graphene can be solved winter annoying static problems, no longer afraid of the terrible static fiber for use in quilts produced.
Then it can also absorb the heat energy emitted by the human body and transform it into far-infrared that is beneficial to the human body. The heat energy is also transferred very quickly, and the cold quilt is also said goodbye. Moreover, the graphene material is particularly environmentally friendly and belongs to the green material, and even the delicate skin can enjoy its warmth.

Anti-mildew and antibacterial test report :

Staphylococcus aureus antibacterial test:
Tested by ASTM E 2149-13 method: sterilization rate>98.63%, pass certificate number: TWNC00843789.
Black mold antibacterial test:
Tested by AATCC 30-2017 method: the sample has no growth of black mold, and the certificate number is TWNC00843779.

PET graphene textile material function :

Super far infrared:
Has superior far infrared: 20-35 degrees at a low temperature, graphene as a long-term effect on the 6-14 wave infrared radiation of not less than 83%, so that the fibers have thermos. This growth far infrared light waves can penetrate into the human body, the skin and subcutaneous tissue reactions produce heat and telangiectasia, promote blood circulation and metabolism. The elements contained in graphene can promote circulation, protect and expand blood vessels, and have the function of stimulating immune cells. It can intensify the inert water molecules of the human body into active water molecules, increase the oxygen content of the human body and relieve fatigue.
Graphene antibacterial function:
Antibacterial and antibacterial: Scientists have found that graphene oxide is super effective in inhibiting the growth of E. coli without harming human cells. If graphene oxide also has antibacterial properties against other bacteria, a series of new applications may be found, such as quilts that automatically remove odors, or medical bedding.
Graphene antistatic function:
The maximum conductivity of antistatic graphene can reduce the surface resistivity and quickly leak static electricity. At the same time, the surface is lubricated, which can reduce the friction coefficient. Inhibit and reduce current generation and prevent skin itching.
Graphene thermal conductivity:
The thermal conductivity of graphene can increase the thermal conductivity by 10-15% compared with fibers of the same material. It can make the graphene material textiles beautiful and comfortable, and further ensure that the wearer can maintain the ideal temperature.


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