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From Pandemic Crisis to a Turning Point, WPCI Grasps Opportunities for Cross-Border Service

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 16 April 2021

Established in 2018, WPCI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as “WPCI”) focuses on exports of home appliances and consumer electronics and retail business of domestic internet products. Due to the pandemic and in response to the impact on the revenue, besides keeping on the current living goods market, WPCI also utilizes its overseas resources to actively seek and develop new opportunities for cross-border services.

Holding the core concept of “stability and proactivity”, WPCI has been in pursuit of sustainable growth and stable operation; its revenue has been increasing month by month and it is one of the most outstanding local companies. The export and import products of WPCI include touch screen devices, customized LED wearable devices, portable speakers, Bluetooth earphones, mini portable printers, thermal label printers, and relevant consumables, etc. It becomes one of the Top 100 sellers on Yahoo Shopping, cooperating on various platforms.

Not only devoted to the market in Taiwan, but WPCI also works with several Taiwanese restaurant chains and opens several food/tea chain shops in the United States. Due to the recent pandemic, the revenue has been impacted, and in response to a hard time, WPCI utilizes its current international cooperation, stepping into the immigration business, in cooperation with several certified immigration consultants, accountants, and lawyers for domestic and foreign immigration, study tours, visa applications, and investments. Domestic immigration agency services include foreigner visits, investment, residence ARC, work permits, employment gold card, Hong Kong and Macao investment immigration, Hong Kong and Macao professionals immigrations, Plum Blossom Card, non-residential nationals to Taiwan, mainlanders to Taiwan, residency, etc. Supporting services include company registration, small office, address registration, professional administrative services, legal consultancy services, various immigrant agency services, etc.

According to InterNations’s reports, Taiwan is ranked as the first in the ranking of “the most suitable for living” and “employment countries”, with Singapore and Japan ranked as second and third, respectively. Due to the unstable condition of Hong Kong in recent years, many Hong Kongers have started to consider emigrating to, besides the United Kingdom, Taiwan, as a popular option. According to the latest statistics from the National Immigration Agency, more than ten thousand Hong Kongers immigrated to Taiwan last year, not only increasing nearly double compared to 2019 but also hitting its peak in the recent 30 years.

Under the impact of the pandemic, WPCI actively seeks and develops new services, offering professional immigration, study abroad, study tour, visa, settlement, etc. to the Unites States, Canada, the European Union, and Australia. For example, WPCI provides services relevant to the E-2 Visa of the United States; although E2 Visa is not classified as an immigrant visa, compared to the huge cost and waiting for EB-5, E-2 is currently the best choice for immigrants to the United States.

With the pandemic spreading, WPCI thinks out of the box, moving forward to more diversified and internationalized cross-border services such as children’s education application, family wealth transfer, career transfer, immigrant property purchase and settlement, personal insurance, travel itinerary, relocation services, and various immigrant living supports.

WPCI grabs the opportunities from the pandemic crisis as a turning point, besides its existing export and import business, as well as strengthen its cross-border service capability for more opportunities and expectations in order to provide a more all-rounded international service.

Source: WPCI CO., LTD.


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