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Excellent Craftsmanship for The Most Refined Elegance

Source: TAITRA | Updated: 08 April 2021

This e-letter reports on the secret master craftsmen in Taiwan. They have won the red dot design award, IF design award and many other industrial design awards in the past years. They have also set up tourism factories for educational purposes, interpreting the beauty of time with sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. The DIY watches give people a peek into this amazing precision mechanical art. The original accessory design turns masculine steel accessories into something soft, sleek and delicate. The wooden storage boxes are made by the latest carpentry techniques in modern North European design. These high-quality clocks, watches and accessories are here at 2021 Giftionery & Cultural Creative Taipei. Register online in advance and get ready to be wooed by sophisticated electronic art from the very best in the industry.


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