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【E-Newsletter Vol.5 Exhibitor Info】- UnaBiz

Source: TAITRA | Updated: 15 October 2021



A proven massive IoT service provider who specialises in sensor product design, manufacturing, and cloud platform services across a hybrid of low-power wide area (LPWA) technologies.

UnaBiz envisions a closely connected world powered by simple technology because we believe in “Less is More”. By uniting people and technology, UnaBiz aims to create an impact on a massive scale, to help every person and every organisation on the planet live smarter, simpler, and in a more sustainable way.

Brief Introduction of the Products

Meter Interface Unit (MIU)

The Meter Interface Unit (MIU) for Taipei Water Department (TWD) uses Sigfox IoT technology and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) to read the data of water meter transmitting directly to Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) without manual meter reading. The data is compressed by Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), transmitted to the backend of the UnaBiz cloud via Sigfox network, and then the decompressed raw data is transmitted to the platform for helping Taipei Water Department (TWD) for water conservation, saving precious water resources with higher efficiency.


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