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DUTECK – HOCA Good Coffee Scale/ Lucas Flow Coffee Scale

Source: TAITRA | Updated: 08 April 2021


Tools Needed to Master Your Pour Over Wishing to perfect your pour over? With the right coffee scale, you will master the technique in no time! HOCA Good Coffee Scale guides you through the entire process from adding ground coffee to actual producing the brew. The coffee to water ratio, water flow and brewing time are all adjustable. There are lights and scale markings to give you real-time updates as to exactly how much water you’ve poured and how fast it’s coming out. The easy stop alert allows you to focus on the consistency of your pour. Luca's Flow Coffee Scale has a unique water flow indicator. Even a rookie can easily control the flow of the pour with its help. The real time weight indicator improves your consistency dramatically, leaving less room for error and allowing you to release the aroma and do justice to your ground.


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