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Duett E, an E-Folding Bike That Ensures a Welcoming Smooth Ride Every Single Time

Source: G-MAX INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION | Updated: 11 June 2021

NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, G-Max International Co is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer in the bicycles industry. It is an innovative transportation, community and lifestyle and sports company that provides an improvement to powering up steep hills with the mid-drive motors system. G-Max International Co will be launching their new product, DUETT E FOLDING BIKE in the coming months in 2020 and also showcase at upcoming events including the TaipeiCycle show between Jul 15, 2020 - Mar 31, 2021.

DUETT E FOLDING BIKE possesses a mid-drive motor system, and aims to avoid riders experiencing bumpiness, in addition to the problem of overheating on long steep hill climbs and the effectiveness of bicycle suspension. It is also one of the few options in the electric folding bike market with an integrated downtube. 

Offering a unique, stylish and attractive outlook on electric folding bikes with DUETT E FOLDING BIKE, G-Max International Co. is dedicated to co-working with our clients to fit the demands of the bike market in a unique and flexible way. It sees a rich opportunity in focusing on the demand for middle to high-end E-Bikes, especially for consumers requiring functional and fashionable appearances. 

The recent trend of E-Mobility in the bicycle industry will be beneficial to G-Max International Co in terms of our technology and efficient production. 

Top Competitive Advantages: 
• Unique stylish outlook design 
• Equips stable and reliable mid-drive motor system 
• Products designed and manufactured in Taiwan 

Notable Technical Specifications: 
• 250W Mid-Drive Motor W 
• 3 types of sensor torque 
• EN15194 certification with the EU after-service team 
• Single Speed or Shimano Inter-sifting: 3 speed/7 speed /8 speed/11 speed 
• Taiwan-made battery with the patent Dual-Safe Security BMS technical 

"We will support you to create your own brand and help you to grow business together” said Brad Gu from G-Max international Co., company owner. 

About G-Max International Co 
Founded in 2005 and headquartered in New Taipei, ROC, G-Max International Co. is a market leader in developing innovative products. We provide a concrete solution for all types of bicycle projects as well as OEM and ODM options. For more information, please visit https://gmaxbikes.en.taiwantrade.com. 

Additional Information: 
Press Kit download: https://brand.sparkamplify.com/g-max-international-corporation-or-taiwantrade


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