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Disrupting Century-old Industrial Products with high- efficient Energy-saving Pumps

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 23 February 2021

No matter whether it's the pre-production line, the manufacturing process itself or in post-production processes, industrial pumps are common in modern factories. Since industrial pumps were first invented, they have appeared in a variety of styles and forms: from Japanese manual pumps to modern technological plants, chemical plants, steel plants, to waste water treatment systems.

Insheng Engineering not only gives the traditional  industrial pump  a new look, they have also added "energy saving" as a key feature. Insheng Engineering’s innovative plastic pumps are resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and its high- efficient  energy-saving pumps provide factories with an alternative to reduce production costs.

Insheng Engineering, a relative newcomer to pump manufacturing and rising star amongst established manufacturers in Taiwan, continually develops and innovates new products which sets them apart from companies that have been around a lot longer. It is the only manufacturer of plastic pumps in Taiwan and is, moreover, a leading brand in energy conservation.The company also conducts “online diagnoses of pumping systems'' to optimize utilization rate. The manager, Mr. Wu described his role as a "doctor" of Pumps, using diagnostic services to conduct "health checkups'' on pumps. A key advantage of these products is that the investment cost can be recovered within three years and often as quickly as 3 months.
Manager Wu also pointed out that the pump manufacturing industry tends to be dominated by major international manufacturers in respect of system outputs. Compared with traditional pumps, Insheng Engineering has developed energy-saving features for product added-value differentiation for brand enhancement.

Whilst Insheng Engineering’s customer base is stable, in recent years, it has aimed at the new Southward-facing market (SE and South Asia). Insheng Engineering hopes that the presently booming industrial scene will bring more green energy business opportunities along with increased international exposure for Insheng brand.



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