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DigitalGo Overwhelmed by First-day Registration

Source: TAITRA | Updated: 10 September 2021

Remarkably, leading players in Taiwan such as FSC, FKI, POLYSTAR, TIENKANG, LIENFA, HCI and CHENG-MEI had submitted applications on the first day of registration, July 19, without any hesitation. The move is followed by earlier introduction webinars on July 14 and 15 which revealed the details of the TaipeiPLAS & ShoeTech Taipei online exhibition and DigitalGo to more than 100 companies.

FSC and POLYSTAR take the lead in completing the registration. “We cannot wait to join DigitalGo! It’s an innovative move with many fresh ideas!” says FSC. POLYSTAR gives applause to TaipeiPLAS & ShoeTech Taipei DigitalGo. “The Market Outlook Webinars which target the potential markets are particularly attractive,” according to POLYSTAR. “In-house LIVE is a wonderful idea. We have prepared 720° live tour in the factory. DigitalGo is exactly what we are looking for,” says FKI.

The event will run from September 28 to October 28, with three different packages, Mini Plan, Plus Plan and Max Plan, to meet demands from participating companies of diverse levels. The month-long event comes with virtual display, one-on-one online procurement meetings, omni-channel digital marketing, podcasts, live streaming of product launches, AI-powered media outreach, potential buyers connection, and more. The Mini Plan charges only US$350, while nearly 80 percent of the applicants on the first day of registration chose Max Plan, a premium option which offers comprehensive services worth more than the list price US$3,500.

The application for TaipeiPLAS & ShoeTech Taipei online exhibition and DigitalGo starts from July 19 till August 19. A series of educational workshops held by TAITRA will follow to help the participating companies become familiar with the online exhibition’s user interface and all of the embedded functions. There will also be workshops featuring live streaming and digital marketing strategies. The Exhibitor Packages and event information are readily available on the official websites of TaipeiPLAS and ShoeTech Taipei.

 The next physical TaipeiPLAS and ShoeTech Taipei will return in 2022 from September 27 to October 1. For updates on the latest, please visit www.taipeiplas.com.tw and www.shoetech.com.tw, or follow the shows on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Line.


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