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Danterry door and hardware opening opportunities with quality and innovation

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 13 July 2020

Danterry has been in the door and hardware industry providing commercial door hardware and fabricating hollow metal door and entrance doors for over 80 years.

The way the company survived and kept growing over a half century is to understand the demand in the market and consistently develop door and hardware solutions that clients need. The efforts can be approved by the truths that Danterry’s patent concealed hinge with the deluxe entrance door won the 2015 Taiwan Excellent Award, and Danterry’s balanced door owns patents of door construction and parts.

In recent decade, Danterry developed its own balanced door which is in line with U.S. brands, the mechanical design and the hardware specifications makes the system undertaking extra door height and door weigh easily and operating smoothly. 

A balanced door is a swing door mostly used at the entry of a public or commercial building. The door can be opened easily without much pulling or pushing force, and makes a full close by itself. Comparing to the traditional hinge doors, the balanced door is more suitable for a commercial entrance door with high traffic required due to the high durability, capable of distributing wind pressure and compatibility of door height and door style.

The door had passed U.S. ASTM E283-04 air leakage test and reached 2-million times cycling test. Danterry also provides extended 10 years warranty for the door to assure the durability of the door system.

Danterry balanced doors have been adopted by well-known department stores, commercial business buildings, and hotels in Taiwan, China Hong Kong and Macau.

Some notable projects which Danterry has collaborated on include Taipei 101, Wynn Palace Macau, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Stores in Taiwan and China, Shanghai XinTianDi, NanJing Wondercity, KunShan Jitian Villa, and Shenzhen China Merchant Tower.

In addition to supply hardware, Danterry also provides technical services and training for the contractors or clients in aspects of door installation, maintenance and trouble shooting.

Contact person: Alvin Wu (alvin@danterrydh.com)
Source: Danterry Door & Hardware Co. Ltd.
Kai Chiu (kai@taitra.org.tw)


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