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Clean and safe drinking water for the home and office

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 02 January 2018

Promaker understands the importance of strict drinking water standards for customers. The company has made it its mission to enable every user to access the cleanest water, whether they are in schools, offices, restaurants, hospitals, factories, public places or at home.

Promaker Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based water dispenser manufacturer and exporter with over 20 years of experience making water coolers, dispensers, boilers, drinking fountains, and R.O. purifiers. Over the years Promaker has been dedicated to creating products that provide clean and safe water with excellent designs and technology.

With outstanding OEM and ODM capabilities and over 20 patented innovations, Promaker can fulfill all kinds of requirements and ship to global markets.

Promaker's factory has been certified by the ISO-9001 National Quality System Certification. The company offers products that comply with the CE standard, Water Dispenser Certification (CNS3910), Appliance Safety Certification (CNS3765), Electromagnetic Compatible Certification (CNS13783-1), and Electrical Appliance Safety Certification (IEC60335-2-15).

In addition to providing quality products, Promaker also recognizes the importance of fast and reliable after-sales services. Promaker not only provides clear technical data, installation guide, construction graphs and spare parts list, the company also aims to solve questions and issues right away. All products carry a 2-year warranty.

Take Promaker's CJ-291 series plumbed-in type floor standing water dispenser for instance, it has an elegant and classic look with an arced front panel design. It provides constant dispensing of 95~100°C hot water (CJ-291, CJ-292) and 5~8°C cold water (CJ-291, CJ-293), and meets environmental protection standards (CJ-291, CJ-293) with an efficient and quiet working compressor charged with R-134A refrigerant.

Promaker offers the CJ-291 series with mirror steel plate and stainless steel plate front and side panel options. The frame and back panels are available in zinc plating steel plates and stainless steel plates.

The drinking bubbler allows users to drink without the use of cups. The lever switch enables convenient dispensing of drinking water. Available with ABS plastic steel or copper. Filters optional.

For more info, visit: www.promaker.com.tw

Source: Promaker Co. Ltd.
Kai Chiu (kai@taitra.org.tw)


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