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CHUMPOWER Introduces German Communication Technology to Create Smart Blow Molding Machine Production Line

Source: TAITRA | Updated: 23 September 2021


From Industry 4.0 to smart machinery to the digitalization, digital optimization to digital transformation of traditional industries in the post-COVID-19 era, the pace of transition has been accelerating in recent years. The manufacturing industry has also shifted from the pursuit of production efficiency deriving from better utilization rate and yield rate to the formation of overall equipment processing rate. In contrast, CHUMPOWER Machinery Corp. (CHUMPOWER), the largest blow molding equipment manufacturer in Taiwan, has already joined hands with the German manufacturer Beckhoff Automation Co., Ltd. (BECKHOFF) to expand investment in the development of a new generation of AI smart PET blow molding machine for the post-COVID-19 era.

CHUMPOWER BottleViewer smart blow molding system improves overall OEE efficiency for customers

CHUMPOWER has been working for more than 10 years with its long-term partner BECKHOFF, who is globally renowned for PC-based control technology and pioneering the EtherCAT open communication protocol. The two parties have jointly developed the world's fastest linear blow molding machine CPSB-LSS8 in the past.

In 2018, CHUMPOWER released the Industry 4.0 solution "BottleViewer" smart blow molding system, which makes use of the concept of machine networking to help customers easily enter the ranks of smart manufacturing and build a new generation of AI smart blow molding machine.

At the same time, CHUMPOWER cooperated with the Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center of Chenggong University to integrate Automatic Virtual Metrology (AVM) and Intelligent Predictive Maintenance (IPM) systems into the CHUMPOWER smart blow molding machine series to provide customers with better service.

Not only can customers use PCs, tablets, mobile phones and other mobile devices to instantly know the latest status and production trajectory of all CHUMPOWER blow molding machines in the factory, but they can also predict the remaining life of key components through IPM, so that the blow molding machine can integrate information before malfunctioning and shutdown to proactively provide online warnings, repairs, or replacement of materials and other maintenance information, thereby reducing unexpected downtime caused by failures by more than 75% while improving equipment utilization rate, while AVM can be used to analyze big data so as to conduct a comprehensive real-time quality inspection in the manufacturing process, thus eliminating labor and expensive testing equipment.

New high-speed machine to debut at TaipeiPLAS to promote circular economy more powerfully

Thanks to the current circular economy trend, CHUMPOWER has so far sold over 3,500 sets of blow molding equipment to 103 countries, spanning the cold zone to the tropics, as over 100 CHUMPOWER blow molding machines are sold worldwide every year.

During TaipeiPLAS & ShoeTechTaipei DigitalGo (September 28 to October 28, 2021), CHUMPOWER will display a number of main products, including CPSB-LSS8 (2500BPH/per cavity), CPSB-SS10 (10ml-12L Bottles), L1G/L2G and so on. Among them, the "Ultra-high-speed linear blow molding machine CPSB-LSS8," whose production capacity increases to 2,500bph through mechanical design optimization in cooperation with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), while its total production capacity has also increased from 18,000bph to 20,000bph, an increase in performance by 10%.

In addition to continuously increasing the production capacity of blow molding machines, CHUMPOWER has continued to add in Industry 4.0 elements, so as to collect the temperature of each preform after heating through the multi-point temperature detectors, to model the preform through neural networks, and to adjust heating power (optional) by means of automatic compensation, so that each preform can have the same temperature at the same detection point and its burning temperature will not be unstable due to changes in environmental temperature, which will affect the yield of the bottles. Moreover, the pressure value of each cavity is detected in real time to ensure the consistency of quality, so that CPSB-LSS8 can maintain the stability of each bottle regardless of the environmental temperature.


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