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CES 2022: “ The Show will and must go on”

Source: TAITRA | Updated: 13 January 2022

CES or Consumer technology Association yearly trade show is one of the most highly anticipated technology events of the year. This three-day extravaganza held in January of each year allows companies both big and small to showcase their achievements. This year’s tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Meta were absent from the lineup due to covid-19 concerns. However, CES administrators decided to hold the show as to not hurt smaller companies and startups who had invested in their presentations and booths. The latest advancement in VR, healthcare and hardware were all on display this year at CES. 

VR and the meta verse made the largest splash at the convention. While the metaverse as described by tech leaders is still years away several companies have begun to develop the hardware needed to make it a reality. Consumer appetite for virtual reality and augmented reality was apparent through out the holiday season. The Oculus Quest 2 device and HTC ViveFlow have already hit the market with Apple, Google and Microsoft expected to launch V glasses soon. It seems that as of right now the future of technology and the metaverse are wrapped up together. 

Another big player at CES was health care technology. Recent advances in AI and computing power have led to the proliferation of sensor in every day household items. Now it is no longer just smart fridges and dishwashers but medical and fitness equipment incorporating more technology. Industry trends have shown the success of technology-based fitness equipment like Peloton or the Fitbit. Medical and home healthcare devices are no different with the industry expected to reach 13 billion USD this year. 

In the transportation sphere the rise of autonomous-driving vehicles was on full display. Car companies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Hyundai have all invested in making electric vehicles and upgrading AI capabilities. With more and more manufactures investing in EV and AI the need for components and chips will become even more of a necessity. 


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