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Atop Precision--World Time Watches and Clocks

Source: TAITRA | Updated: 08 April 2021


Cross Countries and Tour the Globe Atop world time watches and clocks are known for their embedded time zone convertor and world clock. Turn the city time zone wheel counterclockwise and set it to the twelve o’clock direction and the moving hand will be automatically set to the world time of the selected time zone. Setting the wheel to the DST mark and you will have daylight saving time. It is an extremely intuitive and fool proof design. The sun and moon images indicate day and night as they go around the dial like satellites circling earth. This smart multi-time zone convertor and world clock has been extremely popular amongst customers. The wristband won red dot design award from Germany and their Clock was a winner of IF design award. The national team watch series incorporates the colour scheme of national flags. It is simple but with character. National team fans simply couldn’t help but succumb to its charm.


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