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APO International: The Market Leaders of Environment-friendly Innovations

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 05 January 2021

The onset of COVID-19 has started the stay-at-home and work-from-home trends. With a large population confined to their homes, demand for portable devices and home entertainment solutions has increased manifold.
Enter APO International, a leading green energy solution provider that strives to make a difference with its innovative products, consistent best practices, and environmentally-responsible standards -- even followed by their material suppliers.
Since its founding in 2004, APO International has expanded its offerings from lighting to battery technologies.

What Kind of Products Does APO Offer?

The OXOPO rechargeable batteries can be a gamechanger in this post-pandemic time, with more and more people looking towards sustainable power solutions. At the same time, the lamp modules are an excellent fit for home theater projectors and RPTVs.
According to DEG Expo 2020, stay-at-home trends have increased digital home entertainment interest across the board, especially for free VOD, SVOD and TVOD.

OXOPO: The eco-friendly li-ion batteries

The OXOPO is a fast-charging li-ion battery based on an innovative type-C charging patent with a superior BMS (Battery Management System) design to utilize battery life and charge-discharge conditions.

OXOPO XC Series AA USB Type-C Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
The battery charges completely in one hour by a maximum 2A current. The BMS monitors the charging cycles to protect the battery from overcharging, reducing energy and resource wastage.

The OXOPO is not just an eco-friendly li-ion battery; it's also one of the top performers, with the company claiming it charges five times faster than other batteries in the market. The battery has so far received four global safety certifications, including Taiwan BSMI, EU CE, US FCC, and JAPAN PSE.

“Our continuous initiatives in the diversification of OXOPO products (e.g., 9V, 18650) opens new opportunities for us to outgrow competitors and increase the value over the years,” says Richard Yang, APO Green Energy Manager.

APOG: High-quality projector lamps

The majority of projector failures are a result of lamp module problems. To address this issue, APOG aims to supply stable and exceptional quality lamp modules for replacement use, which significantly helps extend projectors' service life and to reduce unnecessary disposal of projectors.

Apart from being one of the world's largest projector lamp manufacturers, APOG is wholly committed to environmental protection, especially in areas of contamination, production waste, and material recycling.

APOG prioritizes an excellent projector viewing experience. Hence, it uses high-quality bulbs from PHILIPS, OSRAM, USHIO, and PHOENIX to develop extensive product lineups compatible with different projector models available worldwide.

Speaking of its strategic partnerships with major lighting manufacturers, Allen Hsiao, APO Projection Application Director says: “By keeping close communication with these brands on technology and market intelligence, APO International has developed intrinsic products to help our clients meet higher standards.”

Image Courtesy of APO International Co., Ltd.

The Ethos

APO International's philosophy is built around three cornerstones – replace, reduce, and recycle. The company wants to bring greener life for their clients by offering more quality after-market consumables to minimize wastage.
The philosophy also reflects that the real purpose of a business enterprise is not only to enhance product quality and generate revenue but to contribute towards the betterment of the environment as well.

Looking forward

As remote-working would still be a trend in 2021, APO International has seen a new opportunity in the home entertainment market. The Taiwanese manufacturer is currently putting more focus on their home market as it’s least affected by the pandemic thanks to the country’s impressive response to COVID-19.

With the global economy gradually restoring to normalcy, APO International looks to target regions and countries that have been least affected by the pandemic. “We’re looking to serve potential worldwide customers who care about high quality products, and are conscious about the environmental impact of the products they buy.” says Allen Lee, GM of APO.

Thanks to their ingenious products, companies such as APO International, offering strong and in-demand technologies, are ideally positioned to continue their success.

Source: APO International


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