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AIFA makes traditional home appliances smarter

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 09 December 2019

Founded in 1993 based in Taiwan, AIFA combines its core technology in universal remote control database and IC with latest smart home trend, and developed an award-winning product i-Ctrl-Wi-Fi remote control. AIFA has its strength in iOS App, Android App, Wi-Fi module and Wi-Fi firmware, infrared database IC and cloud services, these 5 core technologies in i-Ctrl smart home device are all develop by AIFA in house.

Traditional remote control only functions when you are at home. i-Ctrl can control home appliances anywhere and anytime, easy to set up and user-friendly, it enables smart control for all traditional devices with unlimited remote control range from your smartphone to your house using 3G/4G internet. Build-in schedule and macro functions allows you to customize for your personal schedule.

You can also use voice through Google Home (Google Assistant) or Amazon Echo (Alexa) to control home devices with i-Ctrl. i-Ctrl is on a mission to make traditional home appliances smart.

“AIFA aims to provide the best product that can enhance the convenience of people’s lives.” With 26 years of designing, developing and manufacturing experiences, AIFA has been providing services to many major electronics brands in Japan, Germany and around the world.

For more information, please visit: https://aifatechnology.com
For more AIFA and i-Ctrl video, please visit: http://bit.ly/AIFATaiwanTrade
Please visit us at CES 2020, LVCC South Plaza, Design & Source, Booth no. 60933 (inside Taiwan Trade Booth)

Source: AIFA Technology Corp.


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