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  • The Demand for PCB Assembly Service Surged in 2021. Leader Global Electronics Offers 20 Years of Industry Experience

The Demand for PCB Assembly Service Surged in 2021. Leader Global Electronics Offers 20 Years of Industry Experience

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 10 August 2021

Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are the key components of electronic components necessary for almost all electronic devices to function. Most people use them every day without even thinking about it. They are found in a massive number of applications from small consumer electronics, to medium-size automotive parts, to huge pieces of machinery or even aerospace and maritime parts.

With the PCB being one of the essential building blocks for electronics manufacturing, a demand for more complex, wearable, and mobile technology means more unique and intricate PCB components, and of course, more advanced PCB assembly service. PCB assembly is the process of connecting the electronic components with the wirings of printed circuit boards. As PCBs are made of various complex electrical parts, it's important to test the PCB after assembly for possible faults or errors which could cause the board to malfunction. It is important to choose the right PCB assembler for your application.

Leader Global Electronics Co., Ltd (LEADER GLOBAL), with more than 20 years of industry knowledge, delivers high-quality PCB assembly services that enhance the overall performance of the board. LEADER GLOBAL is located in Taiwan, where high-end PCB manufacturing is the largest in the world in terms of value. Taiwan is also the unmatched leader in the global semiconductor industry, accounting for more than 60% of the global market. The combination of a matured industry, advanced technology and years of hands-on experience make LEADER GLOBAL one of the finest PCB assemblers in the industry.

LEADER GLOBAL handles major aspects of PCB assembly with care. The process includes solder paste stenciling, pick and place, reflow soldering, inspection and quality control, and through-hole component insertion. LEADER GLOBAL understands the importance of quality, which is why every PCB that LEADER GLOBAL assembled undergoes thorough testing to make sure that it works exactly as intended and is crafted to the product’s exact specifications.

Additionally, LEADER GLOBAL offers components sourcing, management and testing. While a customer can supply components with his own preference, LEADER GLOBAL also works with quality component providers that are within the customer’s budget. As we all know, during the past year, the shortage of PCB components has been a very challenging factor in the PCB assembly service. There is growing pressure for PCB assembly suppliers to stay relevant, adaptable and sustainable.

Creating functional electronic devices requires much more than just throwing together a bunch of components and resistors. Since PCBs are made of several small and fine components, which are carefully designed for the desired outcome, the PCB assembly process demands meticulous attention to detail. A single misstep here could result in malfunctions, lack of functionality, or even the threat of accidents.

In LEADER GLOBAL, each component is monitored and tested to maintain a functioning PCB that works to its full potential. Without high attention, any slightest error may have a drastic impact on the performance. Therefore, LEDEAR GLOBAL’s supplier management service ensures that all customers get the best components suitable for their circuit boards to function.

With the advance in smart and mobile technology, the new decade looks set to be an exciting time for the PCB market. A good synergy between the device owners, PCB suppliers, and assembly service providers can deliver incredible results for customers. LEADER GLOBAL focuses on building long-term relationships with its clients and delivers this incredible outcome!

Contact LEADER GLOBAL today at: https://leaderglobalelectronics.en.taiwantrade.com/


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