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Indo Intertex 2019 Welcoming Industry 4.0 Eras

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 24 May 2019

The most influential and integrated exhibition for textile and textile product (TPT) industry is held on March 28th at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran. This exhibition attracts 600 exhibitors from 23 countries around the world. Several world’s leading players attend the exhibition such as sewing machine manufactures from Japan including JUKI, Brothers, and Yamato. The three-day exhibition is expected to make more than 15,000 buyers to visit.

Applying the theme “Investment Toward Making Indonesia 4.0”, this exhibitions segments into four areas including Indo Intertex, Inatex, Indo Dyechem, and Indo Texprint. Indo Intertex presents textile and garment machinery and accessories for textile and garment industry. Inatex presents fiber, yarn, fabric, accessories and fashion products as well as nonwoven industry products. Indo Indo Dyechem presents textile chemistry, coloring and finishing equipment, and Indo Textprint presents digital textile printing machines. The theme of “Investment Toward Making Indonesia 4.0” reflects the vision of “Making Indonesia 4.0” from the Indonesian government, aiming to become the world’s top five textile manufactures by 2030.

Currently, Indonesia ranks as the world’s top 10 textile producers and the 12th textile exporter. This country has the most complete textile supply chain in Southeast Asia. Textile industry is one of the key industries contributing to economic growth in Indonesia. According to the statistics from the Ministry of Industry, the export value of the national textile industry reached USD $12.58 billion in 2017, up 6% compared to the previous year. In 2018, the exports of the textile industry ranged from US $ 13.6 to US $ 13.8 billion, exceeding the export target for that year of US $ 12.31 billion. As a result, the Ministry of Industry optimistic to set targets of textile exports value to grow by 13% to US $ 15 billion this year.

According to Indonesian Textile Industry Association (API), mainland China has been reducing imports from the United States. This creates business opportunities for other countries to enter textile market in Indonesia. Development of textile industry can attract a great amount of labor force, so this helps overall economic growth in Indonesia. Along with continuing growth of textile and garment exports, this allows Taiwanese textile machinery manufactures to take an advantage of this trend, expecting Taiwan’s textile machinery export to Indonesia will continue to grow and thus creates more business opportunities in Indonesian market.


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