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Fingerprint lock for carry bags

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 18 September 2021

MSP Technology’s latest product, a fingerprint lock for bags, offers a stylish yet timeless design. Suitable for users of all ages, various patterns are available to match with backpacks or handbags and clothing, taking into account safety and taste.

The key features of the fingerprint lock include:
Charged by USB Type-C connector, Charging time: 2~4 hours, Standby time: 90 days.

Ingress Protection Rating: IPX5 that waterproof and dustproof level, to ensure that you can use it normally in various environments.

Multi-unlock methods: fingerprint identification, Bluetooth unlock, APP management, one touch 0.5 sec unlock at most convenient, Easy to use.

APP unlock function that can be operated by mobile phone, check the unlocking records anytime and anywhere.

High-resolution (120*120 px) fingerprint identification module, 15 x fingerprints can be stored.

Regular color or pattern that shown on product page you can choose, or you can contact us to discuss about exclusive personalization color and pattern deign that support to B2B partners.

Product page: https://mspcyberwork.en.taiwantrade.com/product/fingerprint-lock-2376291.html
YouTube: https://youtu.be/y1CJZwUHCuU

MSP technology Co., Ltd is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan with 20 years of design and factory manufacturing experience. The company exports globally, including the United States, Central America, South America, Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom, Germany.

Email or call: andy@mspcyberwork.com +886930887786

Source: MSP Technology Co., Ltd.
Kai Chiu (kai@taitra.org.tw)


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