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  • 3S, a 20-year probe station manufacturer in Taiwan, outstrips its rivals in high customizability, industry consulting and integration services, and fair pricing

3S, a 20-year probe station manufacturer in Taiwan, outstrips its rivals in high customizability, industry consulting and integration services, and fair pricing

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 07 May 2021

In 2021, despite the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, the global demand for semiconductor products is still growing. The main reason for this is that almost all modern electronic products require the use of semiconductor-related technologies. There are countless examples of how semiconductors are used in everyday life. For instance, temperature sensors used in air conditioners are made with semiconductors. Rice cookers cook rice perfectly because semiconductors control the temperatures precisely. CPUs that operate personal computers are also made with semiconductors. Needless to say, all digital consumer products we use every day such as mobile phones/smartphones, digital cameras, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, and LED bulbs also use semiconductors.

Who makes all these semiconductor products? Taiwan is no doubt the international champion of the world's advanced semiconductor manufacturing. The Taiwanese semiconductor industry, including IC manufacturing, design, and packing, forms a major part of Taiwan's IT industry.

The Taiwanese semiconductor industry started in the early 1970s. In 2007, its semiconductor industry overtook that of the United States and was second only to Japan. In 2009, Taiwan’s semiconductor sector’s output reached US$39 billion, surpassing Japan, and ranked first in global market share in IC manufacturing, packaging, and testing, and second in IC design. In 2011 Taiwan had the largest share of 300 nm, 90 nm, and 60 nm wafer manufacturing capacities worldwide. By 2020, Taiwan was the unmatched leader of the global semiconductor industry. For example, just 1 single company’s output alone, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), reached a Market Cap of $293.5 billion, accounting for more than 50% of the global market.

Due to its strong capabilities in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), wafer manufacturing, and a complete industry supply chain, Taiwan has been able to distinguish itself from its competitors to dominate the global marketplace. In the wafer manufacturing process, a product called “Wafer Probe Station” plays an important role. A probe station is an interface tool used to measure the electrical characteristics of microelectronic devices. Be it a wafer, glass, MEMS (micro-electromechanical system), etc, if you are unable to see the inputs and outputs of a device precisely with the naked eye, a probe station is what is needed to perform accurate measurements.

Super Solutions & Services (3S) is a "wafer probe station" manufacturer in Taiwan. With nearly 20 years of probe station design and manufacturing experience, it offers a variety of probe stations with the world's top quality. Its product lines include vacuum cryogenic probe stations, magnetic field probe stations, double-sided probe stations, high-low temperature probe stations, Hall effect measurement systems, and other processing equipment. 3S manufactures its semiconductor products with its brand called SWIN.

SWIN probe stations outstrip their rivals in 3 ways: high customizability, ability to integrate different industries, and competitive pricing. From the initial proposal to the communication of the designs, to manufacturing, each SWIN probe station can be fully customized according to industry needs. Bear in mind that most semiconductor equipment used in innovative projects is not in the standard format, it must be tailored-made according to the project needs. Therefore, the cost of customizing the work is very high for large manufacturers. And the complexity of such customization is also too skillful for small manufacturers to adopt. Thus, high customizability is what distinguishes SWIM from its rival brands.

Moreover, innovative projects also require expertise in different industries. SWIN possesses a wide range of experience from its 20 years in integrating semiconductor testing, temperature control, vacuum, circuit design, magnetic field, and optical-related knowledge and technology. These experiences have proved to be even more important to the success of a product than manufacturing.

Despite the high values gained from purchasing SWIN products, combining quality and good service, the prices of SWIM probe stations came as an exciting surprise. Compared with Euro/US major brands in the world, its price is nearly 30% cheaper.

All SWIN products can be tailor-made. Many of its customers came from big enterprises or from universities and research institutes where breakthrough research projects often take place. SWIN offers 1-stop customization and cross-industrial integration services, from design, consulting, production, packaging designs.

Contact SWIN for the best probe station manufacturing needs.

Website: https://www.3-s.com.tw/
E-mail: super@3-s.com.tw
Telephone: +886- 03-5397937


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