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2021 TIE to Tie Online with Offline Innovations Together

Source: TAITRA | Updated: 26 October 2021

10 different government branches will join forces at the 2021 Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE, October 14 to 16) and TIE Virtual (October 14 to 23) this week. Over 400 inventors will show 1300 new inventions in both a physical and virtual setting, transforming the expo into the largest online-offline innovation platform in Asia.

This year’s TIE will showcase 4 main themes: Future Technology, presenting the latest ecological, AI, space technology, and more; Innovative Invention, bringing the latest in smart manufacturing, digital transformation, medical advances, and others; Sustainability, focusing on agriculture, green energy, and recycling; and Excellent Invention, as part of the TIE 2021 Competition. With over 500 booths on site, the future of Taiwan’s innovation will be on full display, and government-backed programs can show their recent development with the latest products.

With COVID still affecting international travel, TIE will hold the first-ever TIE Virtual show, bringing the innovation platform into a virtual setting. 24 nations will participate, with Siemens, CISCO, National Science and Technology Development Agency (Thailand), and many other global corporations and national agencies representing the nearly 100 international participants, making TIE Virtual a truly global event.

Along with the online-offline expo, other events will take place and round out TIE. The IPBC Taiwan and other forums will also take place to bring innovative minds and share ideas with everyone in this post-pandemic time period. Also, more than 130 inventors joined the TIE 2021 Competition, all for the opportunity to win the prestigious platinum prize, and be recognized at the October 20 TIE Awards ceremony. Finally, to close out the entire TIE expo, the TIE Forum will bring current and past TIE participants together for a reunion and share their latest findings during the past year.

TIE Virtual will be online starting October 14, and will continue nonstop until October 23. Visitors can instant message or video chat with inventors, and will be treated to the TIE Introduction Video, as well as other exclusive digital content on the TIE Virtual platform (https://tievirtual.twtm.com.tw). For more information, please visit the TIE website (https://www.inventaipei.com.tw/en/index.html).


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