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Certification description:
The Canadian Registration Number (CRN) is a number issued by each province or territory of Canada to the design of a boiler, pressure vessel or fitting. The CRN identifies the design has been accepted and registered for use in that province or territory. The province or territory is represented by numeric digits following the decimal point within the CRN as shown in the list below. The first registering province or territory is the first digit after the decimal. For example, a design registered first in Ontario and then in Alberta might be issued the number 4321.52: 1 = British Columbia 2 = Alberta 3 = Saskatchewan 4 = Manitoba 5 = Ontario 6 = Quebec 7 = New Brunswick 8 = Nova Scotia 9 = Prince Edward Island 0 = Newfoundland N = Nunavut T = Northwest Territories Y = Yukon Territory C, follows the designation of the province of first registration if the design is subsequently registered across Canada (e.g., M 4156.5C shows the design as first registered in Ontario, then across Canada)