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EverGuard Technology Co., Ltd.
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    • Company Name:EverGuard Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Business Type:Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, ODM, OEM
    • Year Established:2000
    • Main Product:Smart hotel management system、Smart hotel total solution、Hotel check-in kiosk、Kiosk、PMS backstage management system、PMS cloud room control system、Room control equipment、Intercom、Broadcast intercom、Emergency call、Two-way intercom、hands-free intercom、Emergency broadcast、IP network intercom、AI face recognition、Face recognition attendant and access control、Access control system、Smart lighting control system、Touch switch panel、Network transmitter、智慧入住系統、智能旅店管理系統、旅宿管理系統、自助入住機、PMS後台管理系統、PMS雲端控房系統、旅宿管理系統、房間控制系統、房控設備、雲端餐飲管理系統、餐飲POS系統、對講機、廣播對講、緊急求助、雙向對講、免持式通話、緊急廣播、IP網路對講機、AI人臉辨識、、人臉辨識考勤門禁機、門禁系統、智慧燈光照明、觸控開關、網路傳訊器

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    Alicia Duh , EverGuard Technology Co., Ltd.

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