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  • Taiwan International Trade Shows' Exhibitor
  • Company Name:LOTUS PRECISION, INC.
  • Business Type:Exporter, Manufacturer, ODM, OEM, Other
  • Year Established:1985
  • Main Product:cutting board, commercial chopping board, plastic cutting board, commercial cutting board, professional cutting board, HDPE cutting board, HDPE sheet, PE sheet, PP sheet, custom cutting board, large size cutting board, multilayer cutting board, round cutting board, NSF cutting board, FDA cutting board, cutting board manufacturers,cutting board company,wholesale cutting boards,commercial cutting boards, bulk cutting boards,cutting board suppliers,custom cutting boards,personalized cutting boards,plastic cutting board suppliers,plastic cutting board manufacturer,plastic cutting board,plastic chopping board,plastic chopping board manufacturers, chopping board manufacturers,wholesale chopping boards,chopping board company,chopping board supplier,personalised chopping board,leather craft cutting board,leather cutting board, household cutting board, classic cutting board, ABS, cutting resurfacing, HACCP cutting board, special size cutting board, sushi mold, NSF sushi mold, commercial grade cutting board, commercial grade sushi mold, plastic sushi mold, tofu mold, bread board,NSF certified plastic cutting board, plastic chopping board, commercial cutting board, HDPE cutting board, PP sheet, custom-made cutting board, super-thick cutting board, ABS, rounded cutting board, kitchen cutting board, multi-layer cutting board, anti-bacterial cutting board, non-slip cutting board, house-hold cutting board, plastic cutting board for food processing industry, plastic cutting board for food equipment, meat processing cutting board, food preparation cutting board for baking factory, plastic cutting board for candy making machine, rolling pin, stirrer, plastic board for vacuum packaging machine, PP plastic filter board, PP plastic cutting board, sushi mold, pastry mold, tofu mold,kunststoff schneidebrett,plastik kesme tahtası,talenan plastik,まな板,panneau plastique,разделочная доска,塑膠砧板,營業用砧板, 飲食店専用まな板, 大型まな板, 業務用プラスチック製まな板, 肉加工専用まな板,食品加工工場専用まな板, 製パン用のし台, 和食・割烹用まな板, スーパーマーケット精肉・鮮魚部門用まな板, 麺棒, マドラー, 飴細工用耐熱まな板, 真空包装機専用カッティングボード, PP製ろ過用プレート(濾過板), PP製カッティングボード, 寿司押し型, 製パンキット, 製菓キット, 豆腐キット, NSF認証業務用プラスチック製まな板, NSF認証業務用プラスチック製円形まな板, NSF認証業務用HDPEまな板, NSF認証業務用HDPE円形まな板, NSF認証業務用HDPE抗菌円形まな板, 業務用プラスチック製積層まな板, 業務用プラスチック製抗菌円形積層まな板, 業務用まな板, 中華料理専用・厚型まな板, カラーライン付きまな板, 食品加工工場用・大型まな板, 家庭用まな板, 家庭用抗菌積層まな板, 大理石模様まな板
  • Main Export Market:Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, France, Metropolitan, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Tahiti, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States


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