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New innovative plastic plunger Pongtu

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New innovative plastic plunger Pongt

Key Features

A. Introduce   - It is new concept of plunger. - You can unclog the clogged toilet with only "Pongtu" - No more put anything into toilet. No more spatter sewage. No more bad smell. - It is portable so use everywhere and easy to use for anyone. - It is disposable and hygienic. - Anywhere can be stored.       B. Specification   -Name : Pongtu -Material : LDPE -Size : 370 X 450 -Each 3plastic -Made in Korea      C. Motivation   Most people have experience of which toilet bowl is clogged and I thought it might be better to use with plastic. And then it is born after taking lots of test and failure.     D. Problem of existing products   - Unsanitary and also should be washed after using. -Existing products should be put into toilet bowl. - Existing products should be put in the toilet at all times in case of being clogged. - Bad smell and sewage might be overflown. - Existing products can not be carried.      E. How to use   1. Raise the toilet seat cover. 2. Remove water and filth where it be sticked. 3. Stick "Pangtu" clearly on the toilet. 4. Brush it. 5. Flush it 6. Press down where Pangtu inflate.      F.  Why pongtu   Just Wipe, Stick, Push down, and Flush!   - For any people have constipation - It is very easy to use for anyone. - It is foldable and portable. - It is disposable so don’t need to be washed after using.(It is really convenient.) - It is hygienic and can be stored anywhere.     Please feel free to contact us  Thank you.

Main Export Market

Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, Central America, South America, Oceania, Other

Last Update : 2013-04-22
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New innovative plastic plunger Pongtu
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