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Namur Type Solenoid Valve

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Ex-Proof Solenoid Valve

Key Features

Item No.  :  V-Solenoid II:Ex-Proof Series Product Name  :  Namur Type Solenoid Valve Description  :  In potentially explosive environments the EX-PROOF model will suit your needs: Explosion proof coil, CSA certified, FM approved for hazardous locations, Ex m II T4 and Division 1, IEx ia IIC T4, Class I Group A, B, C and D, Class II Group E, F and G, Class III. No spacer required for 0º, 90º, and 270º mounting of coil   Specification  :  Temperature: -40°F to +140°F [-40°C to +60°C]Flow: Cv=1.1Pressure: 35 to 120 psig [2.5 to 8 bar]Ports: 1/4” NPT and NAMUR flangeResponse: opening (on) 20ms; closing (off) 40msMedia: Compressed air-lubricated or unlubricated, Instrument air, Nitrogen. Construction:Valve body: Reinforced polyamide (PA) Sealing material: Proprietary elastomerPorts: MS nickel platedOptions:• 1/8” NPT Speed controls• 1/8” NPT Exhaust mufflers• Mounting Base• Imperial mounting fastenersSTANDARD DELIVERY INCLUDES:M5 FASTENERS (PLATED) & O-RINGS FOR NAMUR MOUNT.COILS SOLD SEPEARTELY.Voltage (+/-10%): 24VDC120VAC 50/60Hz240VAC 50/60HzOTHER COIL VOLTAGES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.Power consumption: DC 4.8WAC @60Hz 6.9VAAC @50Hz 8.5VADuty cycle: 100% continuous serviceInsulation class: FConnection: 1/2” NPT conduit entryProtection class: IP65NEMA types 1,2,3,3S,4 and 4X. Connector:Standard: DIN industrial form,suitable for all voltagesup to 250V AC/DC.Optional: LED AC/DC 24VLED AC/DC 110VLED AC/DC 230V Features  :   ‧Robust, reliable patented 2 piston / 4 pillar poppet valve design provides bubble-tight shut-off for millions of cycles ‧Direct Namur standard mounting ‧High air flow (Cv > 1,1) and fast response ‧5/2 function or 3/2 function selectable via 180º turn of the patented rotary sealing plate ‧Exhaust feedback – provides spring chamber with clean instrument air, preventing corrosion and galling ‧Corrosion resistant material with manual override ‧Coils certified to CSA and UL standards. Coils easily changed with a wide selection of voltages available ‧Coil duty cycle 100% ‧Wide operating temperature range: –40 ºC to 60 ºC (-40 ºF to 140 ºF) ‧Pressure range: 2 to 8 Bar ‧Operating with air (lubricated and non lubricated) or nitrogen ‧Low maintenance through non lubrication design ‧Long lifespan ‧Coil can be fixed at any 90º increment ‧Weatherproof IP65 ‧All models CE certified

Product Certification

Last Update : 2014-12-24
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Namur Type Solenoid Valve
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