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JAMMS BONBER Flake Ice Maker JFI / SFI ( 1 ~ 30 tons/day )

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Key Features

1. Product InformationProduct Category: Industrial Refrigeration EquipmentItem: Flake Ice MakerBrand: JAMMS BONBERModel: JFI / SFICountry of Origin: Taiwan, Mainland China factory 2. SpecificationEvaporation Temp: - 25 °C  to - 30 °CRefrigerant : Freon, brineIce Making Capacity : 1 tons to 30 tons per dayInner Cylinder Material : carbon steel plated with chromium, or stainless steel drum. 3. Features* For application of marine, seafood, meat, poultry, vegetables/fruits processing or concrete construction or trawler; appropriation for flake ice making. If you have further questions or problems, please feel free to contact us by the following email.Our e-mail:  jamms.bonber@msa.hinet.netThere are more products on our official website.Please visit   www.icemaker-machine.comYou can search more relevant products on the website.Hope we can provide our service for you soon.

Last Update : 2015-06-29
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JAMMS BONBER Flake Ice Maker JFI / SFI ( 1 ~ 30 tons/day )
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